"To: All" movies are a popular form of communication amongst users on the Zimmer Twins websites. A "To: All" movie is a movie created by a user that contains a message meant for other users (or a user) to see. These kind of movies do not contain a story or a coherent plot like a typical user-created movie does.

Users tend to use this method of communication instead of commenting because it allows the other party(ies) to see their messages easier, and/or because they feel they have something important to say.

Other variations of "To: All" movies include "To: [insert username]", "To: Everyone", or simply, "Announcement!".

A typical To All movie


Usage of "To: All" movies on Zimmertwins.caEdit

Starting from the launch of the website, up until its final months, users always had the freedom to comment whatever they wanted (a privelage that users didn't have) on movies. And for the longest time, users generally talked in the comments about day-to-day things, common interests, and to give compliments.

But in 2009, things started to change when fights/arguments started to break out between certain users. Not wanting to wait a whole minute to post comments, those users opted to use movies ("To: All") to furiously spam angry messages at each other.

This type of behaviour became the norm whenever fights broke out, but "To: All" movies would mostly dissipate once the disputes ended.

Unfortunately, the Site Editors inadventently made matters worse, when they decided to remove the ability to freely type comments, and replace it with the same system used (heavily restricted commenting).

Now unable to talk to each other like they were used to, users were essentially forced to use "To: All" movies as a means for simple chatting, even if it was just to say "hello" or "goodbye". This resulted in the Now Showing page becoming heavily flooded with To: All movies. The frequent fighting between users didn't help, either. Some users chose to use 3rd party websites to chat.

This carried on for months, up until closed down on May 28, 2010.

Different variations of To All movies

Usage of "To: All" movies on Zimmertwins.comEdit

Oddly enough; even though had a heavily restrictive commenting system for the first couple of years after its launch in 2007, "message-to-user" movies of any kind didn't become a thing until after VIP memberships were implemented in 2010 (which, ironically, finally gave users the ability to post their own comments), then they blew up out of nowhere. One theory for this could be that users brought this habit with them when they all migrated to, and everyone else picked up on it.

Since then, To: All/To: Everyone/To: User movies have been used extensively over the past several years, to the point where conversing in the comments section has become almost obsolete (the 1-minute cooldown between commenting being a huge factor in this), especially in recent years with the decline in users.

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