0bsessed is a former Zimmer Twins users who was moderately popular. He planned a surprise return in November but it didn't work out. He still plans to return sometime but he will not disclose when as of now.

History Edit

Monty joined late January 2014 as Montyson3, but didn't get VIP until later. He had 2-3 one month VIP memberships, until May 2014, when he took a break for the summer. He then came back as 0bsessed and lasted until July 2015. Later, he announced he would quit for reasons out of his control.

However, he came back January 8, 2016, due to a supposed swarm of hobbyists that are being shooed out of GoAnimate.

The Ima Crush Edit

Monty took a two-week hiatus due to controversy over his crush on Imastamper. He ended up not coming back for a while from that, either, also because of situations out of his control.

Quitting Edit

Around the same time MegaGamer1 quit, he decided he was getting bored of Zimmer Twins and quit.

Trivia Edit

  • He has never had a must-see, and never will now that he has quit.
  • He owns the ZtTalk Discord server.
  • He listens to metalcore/deathcore music.
  • He might consider coming back to Zimmer Twins if the mods make a major update.
  • He tends to have an obsessive personality.

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