13% Poster
Season 1 Information
Movie Type: Series
Creator: Imastamper
Status: Running (2010 - Present)
Episodes: 5
Languages: English

Premiere Episode:


13% Surprise


13% is a series by Imastamper about 13 the cat doing things that usually don't make sense or end up horribly wrong. The series has infrequent airings and currently has 4 episodes. One of those episodes became a Must-See movie.


13% Surprise (2010)

13%: Epic Duck Rain (2011) (Crowd Pleaser)

13%: Mr. I'm Rich? (2011) (Must-See)

13%: Scary Cat? (2011) (Crowd Pleaser)

13%: The Best Gift Ever? (2016)


  • "Tangs" from the "Mr. I'm Rich" episode is actually a real Chinese Restaurant/Buffet. And it is pretty expensive to go to. It cost about $10 per person to get in. But the koi fish are fun to look at, so that makes up for it, I guess.

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