13's email was created in Early August 2012 by Kristila51, who liked Dragonuv_1's Edgar's Email series.


31 angry at 13 in Episode 98.

The Series Overview Edit

13's Email is obviously based on Edgar's Email, except starring 13 instead of Edgar. The first few emails were made up for not having any questions to answer at the time. The series got popular fast, and each email movie usually got 2-3 questions in the comments. 13 usually does the series alone, unless the email has something to do with one of the other characters. Wizard sometimes randomly showed up in episodes as a running gag. The first time he does this is in episode 70, "Water". In episode 74 Eva co-stars and in episode 75 Edgar does. Eva co-stars again in Episode 77. In Episode 93, 31 makes his debut. In the 100th episode, 13 thanks the viewers and everyone says their favorite emails. Episodes 107-126 has 13 in the backyard instead of being in the house due to being annoyed by 31. Episode 127 has 13 coming back into the house to have a Goodbye 31 party. It is counted as an episode, despite there being no email. That wasn't the last you were going to see of him, nor 13's family. Episodes 137 and 138 feature several members of his family. In Episode 140, Mme traps 13 in the jungle and it is up to the emailers to help him get saved by emailing him. In Episode 141, 31 reappears, explaining his presence with a call back from a previous episode. The save 13 storyline was quickly abandoned in Episode 142, where Mme Psycho simply allows 13 to go back home, giving him his powers back. Episode 144 is the latest in the series, where 13 is asked his top 10 favorite songs.

Playlist Edit

This is a playlist of every single episode of 13's email. (Add links that redirect you to episodes here.)

Message from the Creator Edit

This probably should be rewritten. I kind of went overboard, but I wanted to make a page for of my series. Tell me on my talk page if you think it needs to be improved, and what should be removed or added.-Kuromithedevilbunny/Kristila51

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