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Ahcoo is a famous 5-bar member. He has been retired for a while now, but supports and loves the Zimmer Twins community. He wishes to return, but cannot due to issues with money. He opened a chat website called ZimmerChat on April 22, 2014. It was made public the next day and never expanded from there.


Ahcoo's first video "13's Spaghetti", which became a crowd pleaser, was released in 2010. Ahcoo is friends with many retired users, such as Munchlax, eXtremeguy, Sonicfan84, Eliza203 (later renamed Coolio7), Photo-Bo, Cbot, Qubo Kart, Wordgirl, and Theodore.

In 2013, Ahcoo faked that he was pigle33. Although most users didn't believe him, a few did.


  • Ahcoo's original name was going to be "Achoo" (as in a sneeze) but he typed it incorrectly.
  • Ahcoo is considered by many to be gone, but as of April 12, 2014, he is still active. He is just focusing on schoolwork. He will most likely not return any time soon, but he has plans.
  • Ahcoo is pansexual.
  • Ahcoo was born in Kentucky.
  • Ahcoo is a brony.
  • Ahcoo enjoys writing fanfiction.
  • Ahcoo is an avid fan of Homestuck, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, Overwatch, and many other things.
  • Ahcoo can still be found on his Instagram, @gravityfallout.
  • During the infamous Pigle-Stormrox incident, Ahcoo fought back against the "hackers" alongside many other members. This permanently earned him a fair amount of reputation.
  • Ahcoo is ashamed of some of his work, such as War of Derrotan. However, he fondly remembers his classics such as Everything Is Your Butler.
  • During the RamonaFan scare, Ahcoo claimed to have been in love with the user. Having matured now, he realizes that this was foolish. He also is certain that the RamonaFan scare was only done for attention.

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