In 2014, Ahcoo wanted to reveal some facts from his life. Instead of just telling us, he pretended to be interviewed by an "anonymous user" on Skype. Nobody believed him, to be honest.


Interviewer: Hello Ahcoo.

Ahcoo: Hello.

Interviewer: I'm _________ from Zimmer Twins.

Ahcoo: Oh, nice to meet you.

Interviewer: Likewise. Do you mind if I interview you for a bit?

Ahcoo: Of course not. What's on your mind?

Interviewer: A lot of users want to know if you're still returning to the site.

Ahcoo: Well, I'm hoping to, but I'm not sure. My mother isn't sure if she will.

Interviewer: Couldn't you ask your father?

Ahcoo: I'd rather not talk about my father.

Interviewer: Oh, I'm so sorry.

Ahcoo: It's fine. Go on.

Interviewer: Well, a few people also want to know what you think your "magnum opus" was.

Ahcoo: My magnum opus, eh? Well, a lot of my work was critically acclaimed, but I think the most important movie series I ever made was "War of Derrotan", but all series of the same storyline after that were just trying to continue a loved series.

Interviewer: Interesting. Who's your best friend on the site?

Ahcoo: Well, my best friend is Eliza203. However, after she left, Wordgirl became a good friend of mine.

Interviewer: A lot of rumors are going around that you're a bisexual. Is this true?

Ahcoo: Well, I suppose it's time to come clean. I'm a brony and a bisexual.

Interviewer: That's all I'll need. Thanks.

Ahcoo: No problem.

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