BFYL is a series by ThomasSlam later on he gave it to Gamingcash. Instead of BFYL's Finest its called BFYL for short.

About BFYLEdit

Its about 10 people competing with a wacky host and sometimes 2 wacky hosts! Not much is known about early BFYL seasons but if you know about them you are welcome to tell about them. The First season Gamingcash made was Season 7. With The People being Minion (jaun jr) Shadow (Jaun Jr) Commander Cody (Gamingcash) Luigi (Abbeybunny)

Steve (Jaun Jr) Kirby (Catboy) Sonic (AaronD) Mario (Jaaszi)

History of BFYLEdit

ThomasSlam made 6 seasons and in the middle of the 6th season he said "IM going to finish BFYL and not make more" However he changed his mind and made a season 7 he made 2 parts got bored of it and gave the series to Gamingcash. Gamingcash was making BFYL huge!!! When ThomasSlam said he's taking BFYL back Gamingcash was okay with it because he had to many series going on at once. ThomasSlam saw how Gamingcash was doing a good job with BFYL so before Gamingcash deleted the BFYL Season 7 episodes he made ThomasSlam gave Gamingcash back the series because he thought Gamingcash was doing very good with BFYL. So ThomasSlam made the series Disney Battles instead.

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