• DexterPoinDexter

    ZT is Illuminati

    August 12, 2017 by DexterPoinDexter

    I was bored, didn't have any movie ideas. Idk... This is what you're getting:

    First off, let's start with... Stormrox!

    Stormrox has 8 characters. His old username, troy_ally, has 9.

    9 - 8 = 1.

    Now, who will our next victims be... CATBOY & JAASZI!

    Catboy has 6 letters. So does Jaaszi.

    Both of their names have 2 syllables. 

    6 divided by 2 is 3.

    Who next? ... Rad256!

    If you remove the Rad part from his name, you get the numbers 2, 5 and 6.

    2 + 5 = 7. 7 - 6 = 1

    Now, who will we debunk now? ... MegaGamer1!

    Most of you will think, 'There is a 1! Illuminati has 1 eye! MegaGamer1 is Illuminati!'. NO. That's obviously just a disguise.

    Anyways, MegaGamer1 has 3 parts. Mega, Gamer, and 1. 

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  • TheRadBoy

    I've been back from Poland for two days now.

    So here's a blog post detailing my many adventures (minus the first few days, which were already covered in my previous blog post).

    On Monday, July 10th, I met up with Rafal. Yes, THE Rafal from xat. As you may or may not know, I went to school with him in the 5th and 6th grade. We went to Frasses, a local restaurant and caught up on life and ish.

    On Wednesday, July 12th, I traveled with Rafal to Krakow. This is a thing we do every summer. Usually, our friend Ania (a distant cousin of mine, a neighbor of my grandma's, who also went to the 5th and 6th grade with us, and is currently Rafal's girlfriend) comes with us. But she couldn't make it, so we went alone. We debated which train to take a couple…

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  • DexterPoinDexter

    My 4th Must See!

    August 10, 2017 by DexterPoinDexter

    So, a few days ago, I made a movie called '13's Housewarming'. Basically, The Zimmer Twins aren't at home, so 13 has a party, but Eva finds him. It became a crowd pleaser (not a big deal).

    Must-Sees: 13's Housewarming

    Watch it here:

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  • Keiisnotthattired

    So uh, yeah. I made my own character clip. :P When I find a better way of making custom character clips, I'll probably open requests for them, so stay tuned. That will likely be in January when I upgrade my fossilized version of Anime Studio.

    ANYWAY. Here's an update for all y'all about my ZT series and whatnot, when I'm gonna renew my VIP, etc. This is probably irrelevant information to most of you since everyone pretty much quit, but since people who use the .com show up on here from time to time and there are still some of you who do use it, I thought I'd post this here anyway.

    TL;DR/TL;DW, I'm gonna work on stuff before I renew my VIP and possibly try to figure out some new animation methods so that I can make custom ZT clips.

    In other ne…

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  • DexterPoinDexter

    Yeah, just vote in the comments. I'm looking at you, sonaw. Zimmercon movie here:

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  • DexterPoinDexter

    Ummm. . Hey

    July 30, 2017 by DexterPoinDexter

    Hey. I'm ZavundeB ._.

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  • HannahBZT

    Bots On Zimmer Twins?

    July 29, 2017 by HannahBZT

    So I stepped back on Zimmer Twins for a few minutes to see how things were going, and I saw that the Rise and Shine Zimmer Blog post has over 1,000 comments.

    This isn't really a usual thing for ZT nowadays.

    So I head onto the comment section and there are tons of comments from non-VIP members with only one bar. They span across almost every page.

    None of them have any movies.

    I call bots. What do the rest of y'all think?

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  • Furry1832

    CS stuff for Jaaszi

    July 13, 2017 by Furry1832

    ​This article is specifically for Jaaszi, because he wants to make a Camp Survival series again! ( although anyone can read this cuz why not )

    Anyways, Hello anybody reading this!

    So, Jaaszi, I heard you were making a reboot of CS (winners vs losers). If that is true, then read on.

    I was thinking of a few changes to the show that you might like. If you do not like or disagree with any of my ideas, I understand. So anyways, here are my ideas for CS!

    ( BTW I'd like to join as Jill again! ) First off, I'd like you to change what the area looks like around. Possibly more of a TDI kind of vibe to it, like a booth room for talking about your personal feelings, cabins/caravans/tents for all the contestants and team captains, who choose who go on thei…

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  • TripleJ3

    Ay look, another update!

    OK, first order of buisness. Everyone knows about Discord, right? If anyone doesn't know, here's what it is from Wikipedia's perspective. "Discord is a proprietary freeware VolP application designed for gaming communites." So I was thinking, what if we made a Zimmer Twins discord server? "But Jaaszi, it says it's designed for gaming communites!" Trust me, it's not only for gaming communities. So yeah. That's all I have to say. K bai.

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  • TheRadBoy

    Just wanted to go thru some of the things been happenin the past couple'a days.

    On Tuesday night, I arrived here. I then slept from 11PM to 11AM straight. Wednesday, we went into town to visit my other grandma. Every day, we've been going on walks with our grandma's dog like 5 times a day. Never gets boring, no matter how many times we take the same road.

    Thursday, guess who visited Poland? The same guy I wanted to get away from: Donald Trump. Trump's popularity in Poland, like most countries, is low - 23%. Obama's was 58% for comparison. But the Polish government wanted to kiss Trump's ass, and suck up to his ego, so they promised him an adoring crowd. They bused in a bunch of rednecks from the countryside to cheer Trump on, that way the pr…

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  • TripleJ3

    Aloha! Why did I say hello in Hawaiian? Well, I just came back from Hawaii! I'll probably make a seperate blog about my trip there later... Anyways, it's time for an update!

    So, I'm out of school. So that means I'll hopefully be more active on the wikia. So that's good.

    Also quick question, does anyone live near California? Just wondering...

    Now for a big thing, the CAMP SURVIVAL REBOOT! So what I'm planning is that the contestants will consist of the previous 4 winners and 4 new contestents. It will be a team compitition. That's right, OLDIES VS. NEWBIES! So.... I guess if you want someone to be in the game, just "sign up" here, I guess. 1/4 spots folks! Tickets sellin' out quickly! Tickets are five pizza slices per person! Donate your slice…

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  • Furry1832

    Happy 4th of July!

    July 4, 2017 by Furry1832


    First of all, happy 4th of July to everyone celebrating it! I am hoping you are having a great time enjoying all the fun stuff \(^_^)/ !

    Now, you might be wondering, why is an Australian so hyped up about the 4th? Well, I can explain.

    Back in history, America was part of the Englnd in the 18th century. They had to take a lot of convicts and taxed a lot out of America. So then, they gained independence from Britian. Then a few years later, they thought of the idea of sending the convicts to New South Wales (now Australia) and so they did, using some fleets that took a year to get to Australia.

    Long story short, if America didn't gain independence from Britian, then Britian wouldn't ever think of sending convicts to Australia!

    Anyways, lik…

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  • Blahbumian

    Canada Turns 150

    July 1, 2017 by Blahbumian

    My parents’ first day in Toronto was January 24, 1998. To them, Canada was a strange, foreign land. They had no friends or relatives here, and didn’t speak the language yet. They landed at Toronto Pearson International Airport on a cool, dreary winter day, as you would expect in Toronto in January.

    Originally, my parents were from the big, oppressive Soviet Union. However, when they had the opportunity to leave, they left, as many Jews did, to Israel, which was also quite a struggle.

    Then they chose to immigrate here – and a year later, in 1999, I was born here in Toronto. I was my family’s first Canadian. My sister, born a few years later, was the second one.

    Today is the day Canada turns 150 years old – quite a long time, but still young co…

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  • TheRadBoy

    Going to Poland

    June 26, 2017 by TheRadBoy

    As I mentioned in a blog earlier this month, I'mma be goin' to Poland soon! I leave July 3rd, a week from today. I'll be back August 9th.

    So just wanted to let everybody know that I won't be as active over there as I am now. I'll still have easy access to the Wikia on my phone, but I won't really visit xat much. Of course, you can't really use xat on your phone. Well, you can on, Puffin, but the mobile version is trash. I think they have an app now too, still trash. 

    I'll mostly be living at my mom's parents' house. They have a laptop, but I won't be using it much, cuz it's in my grandma's bedroom. Obviously, it's a laptop, I can move it. But I don't exactly want to barge into her room to take the laptop all the time. But I'll probably be ab…

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  • TheRadBoy

    Aw sheet crackers it's 11:30AM in the fine county of Cook, in the fine state of Illinois. I'm officially on summer vacation, I had my last finals today and I'm already home!

    Damn, sophomore year ended real quick. Not really, actually, the last few months took forever. But ya know, it still kind feels like, damn, time's rushing by and stuff. I'm almost a junior! Holy crap, I'm halfway thru with high school. 

    The last day in school was not that great. I got on my bus at like 6:55AM and my friend Sean told me about what happened yesterday afternoon on the bus. We have this old Ruski bus driver in the afternoon, she's a coont like no other. The first major incident with this lady was in September. I wasn't on the bus that day, and she totally me…

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  • TheRadBoy

    Oy, folks, it's Memorial Day weekend!

    Time to discuss a couple of things.

    Meet-Up: The next one is Saturday, June 3rd. Be there or be a hyperbola.

    School: I have two more weeks of school left. My last day is Friday, June 9th. I will make a blog post talkin bout what I have learned and funny stories. Halfway thru high school, woo!

    Weather: Been a crappy spring over here. Mostly in the 60s and rainy all of May, but today is our first 70+ day in over a week. Sunny, too. It's supposed to be in the 70s for about a week, and hopefully by the time summer vacation rolls around it'll be in the 80s!

    Plans for the long weekend: I'm visiting my cousins up in Irving Park tonight for a BBQ. Should be fun. Tomorrow I'm playing basketball with some friends. Got…

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  • Furry1832

    Hello, folks!

    Today, I'll be showing you a few tips on how to make a good reality show on ZT!

    1. Don't spoil the secrets too quick!

    As I've seen on numerous series on ZT ( Camp Survival, Survive, Stranded, etc ) At least one character has a deep secret and the secret isn't revealed until the last few episodes of the series. The tip to making a sucsessful series is to let one character have a deep secret ( EG: Catave Cat on Stranded can make wishes come true ). But don't give it away too early! What you should do is a few cliffhangers when the person shows the secret, so the person watching will wait for the next one to come out, in order to see what happens.

    2. Make sure your series isn't too long

    Another thing I've seen on series is how long s…

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  • TripleJ3

    First of all, no. The face reveal isn't happening today. SOON. Second of all, howy folks! Today, we're talking about random stuff!

    First thing on the agenda: Opinion on Fidget Spinners. They are stupid. Unless you're autistic or you have ADHD, I will be disappointed in you if you like them. (The fidget cube is way better anyways...)

    Next: Braces. I'm getting them. HIP-HIP HOORAY. -I can't wait to look like a loser!-

    Now the second thing on my agenda: Possible Camp Survival Reboot. Hey, remember Camp Survival? Yeah, I do. So if you guys remember, I tried to bring back Camp Survival with a Wiki, and made episodes on the Wiki. That didn't go well. At all. It went so bad, the wiki doesn't even exsist anymore. And I'm glad that's the case cause I …

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  • Keiisnotthattired

    Before I say anything, I know this is a pretty dark topic, and that nothing will likely happen- but I just wanted to ask anyway. (Also, this question is mainly aimed at the users in the community who are 13+ years of age for reasons that can be pretty much explained as you read on, but feel free to participate if you are younger anyway, I guess.)

    //deep breath//

    If one of us dies, how will the rest of us know? I mean, we've all seen the RamonaFan incident which, I know, obviously seems fake looking back. But... if one of us were to actually die... how would anyone find out? Essentially, the user would disappear from the face of the internet without reason. We wouldn't know they died unless someone came and told us.

    So then, if someone believes …

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  • TheCarlCreator


    May 20, 2017 by TheCarlCreator

    Well since Blah made a blog, I guess I'll make one.

    I got a couple of things to talk about.

    1. I'm going back to public school. Some of you are probably thinking, didn't God tell you to go to homeschool? Yes that's what I felt he told me to do, and now I feel like he's telling me to go back. I don't always understand these things, but I'm just gotten used to following whatever I feel like he tells me.

    2. I might be going back to ZT. :O "Mega, you're just like everyone else that says they quit and they come back!" I guess I am. But I've made some movies lately and I'm starting to get interested again. Again, I'm not sure if I will or not but I am interested in renewing.

    3. I GOT BIRDSSSSSSSSSSSS! I got 2 parakeets one is named Kiwi, one is Sky …

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  • Blahbumian

    If you are Canadian or familiar with Canada, you probably know what's coming up - la Fête de la Reine, as they say it in French, or as English speaking Canadians call it; Victoria Day.

    Taking place the Monday on or before May 24, the holiday was originally created to honour the birthday of Queen Victoria, who was the Queen of the Commonwealth for most of the 19th century. But, most Canadians don't actually care about who our Queen was 200 years ago. For most of us, the May 24 long weekend means one thing - the informal start of the summer season.

    So, this Monday, May 22 is Victoria Day, or the unofficial start of summer. The problem is that this year, it doesn't feel like summer at all! This Monday will be a cool, rainy 20 Degrees Celsius (t…

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  • Furry1832

    Code Languages

    April 30, 2017 by Furry1832

    ​Hello to you all!

    ​If you have seen my blogs, you probably know that I have a code language called Furritese. To those who don't know what Furritese is, I'll explain it to you.

    ​Furritese is a language that I had thought about a few months ago. I got the language as an inspiration from a novel I had read the last year, and thought " Hey, why not make up my own language for fun? ". So then, I started using a bunch of prototype languages before settling on Furritese.

    ​How the language works:

    ​The language is REALLY similar to English, since I wanted to make it simple. The alphabet was going to be made up of symbols, similar to the Egyptians. I decided to scrap that due to it being hard to write ( and understand ). So, first off is:

    ​Letter Swapp…

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  • MacTheEpic

    It's that time again

    April 29, 2017 by MacTheEpic

    I'm back. Yeah, I know.

    Don't even ask about Epic tbh, that's probably gone. But don't worry, and never fear, for I have been working on a brand new series/story (that's honestly way better than the hot mess that Epic was).

    I mean, it's not exactly aimed at ZT, but I might need some beta readers at some point in the future.

    If you guys would like some more info, just post a comment about it.

    P.S. Very sorry I abandon you guys a lot. School is just really soul crushing, so I just bury my head in my writing/story, which I've restarted from the beginning a total of like 30 times. But I think I'm finally getting somewhere, so...


    -Mac, who will try his very best to be more active, but will ultimately fail because resistance is futile against …

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  • Furry1832


    April 23, 2017 by Furry1832


    ​Since Eurovision is in less than three weeks, I wanted to create a poll for which ones you like best. What you do is say your five favourites out of all of them like:

    ​Latvia: 1

    ​Germany : 2

    ​Here's the link for all the songs of Eurovision*: [http://]

    ​Voting ends at 7:00 AM 25/04/17 AEST.


    ​*This does not include Russia, although they've sent a song. That's because the singer has been banned from the host country for three years.

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  • Stormrox

    Earlier today, I was using the search tool to look for users who were attempting to break/set records on Zimmer Twins. Surprisingly, I noticed quite a lot of users trying to break certain records. The majority of them aim for the generic comment record, but there were a couple interesting record attempts.

    Here is a list of record attempts I could find. Any attempts that accomplished their goal are deemed as "successful". Any that never/haven't attained their goal are deemed "unsuccessful". Although, the latter is subject to change.

    Goal: To make a series that is at least 83 parts long (to surpass the series "Short", which was the longest series at the time)

    Status: Unsuccessful. Only made it to 13 parts.

    Goal: Break an internet record for comm…

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  • Feart

    I joined Zimmer Twins!

    April 17, 2017 by Feart

    Well, I joined Zimmer Twins today!

    My account name is Feart6 but from what miiwiiuguy has told me, you cannot see my movies until I'm a VIP member. So I might be getting a VIP soon!

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  • Feart

    My friend: miiwiiuguy linked me to this Wiki because he cannot use it and he thought I should take a look at it.

    I don't use Zimmer Twins, but the users seem nice.

    Anyway, besides the point.

    Since he cannot use this Wiki, I thought it would be nice if you could talk to him (and some other users on the Wiki) on Discord.

    This is the server link: 

    If you do join, thank you.


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  • Blahbumian

    You might already know that I’m Jewish. Therefore, I’m currently celebrating Passover – you know, that holiday where Moses parted the Red Sea and for some reason that means we can’t eat bread.

    If you’re not very familiar with what Passover is (or Paysakh, the Hebrew term for the holiday), let me give you the 411. It’s 8 days long, and we’re not allowed to eat bread (or anything that from a long list of things called chametz, which includes yeast). It’s supposed to celebrate the time when the Jews were liberated from slavery in Egypt over 3,000 years ago. The Jews had to leave Egypt and then walk through the desert, and they didn’t have food. But water and flour started to fall from the sky, because, you know, that’s just what happens on a lon…

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  • Furry1832

    Is it just me, or is something weird going on?

    As you all know, Stormrox has gotten his first must see in years, titled " No one's home ". But it's kind of strange how he got it so quick, and I cannot exactly lay my finger on it.

    I may seem like the only one concerned, but it really bothers me how he got it so quick. I mean, the mods haven't really cared about ZT since 2011, and as the years are passing, I've been noticing that getting a must see nowadays is very rare, rather than " Uncommon " or " Frequent ". Plus, the mods haven't really been doing much recently. They usually just stay idle.

    The approximate time nowadays for a person to get a must see (and I've checked on this in the must see page) is 3-8 weeks. Back when I was Furry1831, I…

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  • Stormrox

    My First Must-See

    April 11, 2017 by Stormrox

    Wow. Today (or rather, the mods) decided to surprise me in a way I never would have imagined!

    Earlier this morning, I published a movie titled "No One's Home", and it's about 13 coming home to find Edgar and Eva out somewhere, so he uses this opportunity to play on Zimmer Twins.

    I took a nap shortly after making the movie, and have now just woken up to see this!

    It's a Must-See! My first one, nine years after I discovered Zimmer Twins! I've never been awarded one before in my life, and I certainly didn't expect to get one so late into this journey.

    I intend to send nessa and JCee an email thanking them for this. It truly means a lot!

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  • Furry1832


    April 10, 2017 by Furry1832

    ​Easter! Aah, what else could possibly be more better than Easter at this time of year? Bunnies, chocolate eggs, fish and bread ( for those who are religious ). It's the perfect weather here too, 25 degrees celsius. Sadly, just a week ago, I got pharyngitis, and I was really sick :(. But I'm better now! :D :D

    ​Stuff I want to talk about:

    ​1. The reason I haven't been active recently was because I was away on the holidays and got pharyngitis.

    ​2. Eurovision is going to begin in around 4 weeks!!!

    ​3. My new conlang ( Which is a language I've made up myself! )

    ​My conlang is called, Furritese. It's just like English, except that:

    ​The words A and E are swapped around

    ​The words I and U are swapped around

    ​The words M, N, O and P have to be put at the…

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  • Keiisnotthattired

    There's actually interesting stuff on this blog near the bottom if you don't care about useless, irrelevent life stuff. ^_-




    That's a Skillet reference in case you missed it.

    So anyway, sorry I didn't give any of y'all a heads up, but my paternal family members came to visit for a week so that's why I haven't been active. ...not... that I was active before that... :l

    So what have I been up to? Well,

    I'm probably like a month behind on school but at least regenerating the lessons is a thing so I can catch up (basically if you get behind the teacher can press this magic button to "regenerate" all my SOS-based classes [SOS is what I use for most of my school {other than that I have a college textbook fo…

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  • KatelynTheGamer

    ZT Art

    April 5, 2017 by KatelynTheGamer

    I made art of Edgar hugging Thirteen! Yay me!

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  • TheRadBoy

    I'm not really sure if I can make today's meet-up because I've been sick. Yuh-huh, a great Spring Break.

    Wednesday the symptoms started showing up as I woke up. My throat felt yucky. A couple of days earlier, I was at O'Hare to say goodbye to my grandma, so I assumed I caught ebola from somebody and was finna die. As the day progressed ,typical runny nose and sneezing symptoms showed up. 

    Wednesday night sucked. I went to bed at 10:00, but couldn't fall asleep till 3:00. I then woke up at 9:30 Thursday morn, and felt like crap and had a crippling headache. Made myself a coffee, took some drugs (medicine, not the illegal kind), and kind of felt decent until it came back into the afternoon. Took some more drugs, and I was good until the evenin…

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  • Stormrox

    Club Penguin shuts down tomorrow! It's sad to see this legendary website disappear after all these years, and I hope people take the time to log on and take a stroll throughout the virtual world before it's gone. I haven't been incredibly active on the game in like 6-7 years, but I'll play a few games later.

    Also, I felt like sharing a few facts about my penguin with everyone here. :)

    My penguin's name is "Master Pn". The "Pn" is short for "Penguin", as in, my name is supposed to mean "Master Penguin". Unfortunately, it surpassed the character limit so I had to shorten it.

    You'll notice that I have a whopping 816001 coins. I got these by hacking the game 8-9 years ago using a money hacking tool. Sad, I know, but I was a lazy 11 year old who w…

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  • TheRadBoy


    March 24, 2017 by TheRadBoy

    SPRING BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Furry1832

    Listen to this

    March 23, 2017 by Furry1832

    ​Bored out of your mind and wanna listen to music?

    ​Listen to this


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  • TripleJ3

    So I've noticed that most of the ZT users have this table that has general info. From all the users pages I've seen, I'm the only one without a table. So I tried to add a table in my old page. I couldn't figure out how to do that, so if anyone knows how to add those table with general info, I'd like to know, if it isn't possible, then I'd like to know if, well... the title says it all.

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  • Stormrox

    Hey, everyone. So this is an idea I came up with a couple months ago. I basically went through a bunch of starters and Movie Maker clips and paused the video player at certain moments. I then took a bunch of screenshots of all the funny/goofy animations I could find. After that, I cropped them, and compiled them into this little collage.

    (It's a bit messy since it's my first time ever doing a collage, but oh well. No biggie.)

    I guess for some strange (and hilarious) reason, the animators would sometimes draw Edgar, Eva, and 13 looking really wonky. I'm not sure if most of these were errors on their part, or some kind of animating technique I'm not understanding, but whatever. Please enjoy!

    (I also inserted some humorous text here and there. …

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  • Blahbumian

    Remember two years ago, when I made a movie about 12 mind-boggling facts about ZT? Well, guess what? After two years, I’m back with more facts that will boggle you even more! 

    1.    1.  When all the accounts on the English Canadian, French Canadian, U.S and Australian ZT websites are added up together, 1.2 million ZT user accounts were made.

    There are more ZT accounts than there are people who attended Donald Trump’s inauguration (estimates at around 250,000) and every Presidential inauguration in history except for Barack Obama’s in 2009 (with 1,800,000 attendees).

    2. The last time Jason posted a blog or a movie was over 5 years ago, in late 2011; Vine, Google Drive and the word ‘selfie’ did not exist yet. 

    3.  IPhones, iPads, Samsung Galaxy …

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  • Furry1832

    ​Since it is Zimmer Twin's 12th birthday today * Yay *, I wanted to ask you all something.

    ​What do you like about Zimmer Twins most? Is it the fact that it's a website that opens up children's minds? A place where you can make friends? The original website, Whatever it is, I'd like to know in the comments down below :)

    ​Happy Birthday, Zimmer Twins!

    - Furry

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  • Furry1832

    ​Happy St Pat's day to you all reading this!

    ​Hope you are all wearing green, with pots of gold in your pockets and shamrocks on your shirts!

    ​For this special day, type your comment of what you like about Ireland so much! :D

    ​I like Ireland because it

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  • Blahbumian

    Many of us thought this day would never come. Quite frankly, even I’m a little surprised. Yet, here it is. Today, The Zimmer Twins website turns 12. 12 years ago, today, and were launched.

    By the standards of the internet, 12 years is a really long time. Especially in this day and age, where everything is incessantly changing, such a time period can feel like an eternity. When the Mods launched ZT in 2005, there was no such thing as iPhones, social media, ‘selfies’ and YouTube. It really was a completely different world. Back then, kids had to use those old-fashioned cell phones and listen to music through CDs. Oh, the horror.

    The best part about this is that we (most likely) outlived Club Penguin. For…

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  • PunkRocker87

    So as some you guys know, I run a (very) small youtube channel where I post my musical endeavors. Blech blech blech.

    Well, recently, I've been working with two of my bands and we're working hard to get some demos out. This past weekend, I put out a demo on saturday with my band Twelve Foot Shadow (@twelvefootshadow on instagram) and We Are One (@w3_r_1 on instagram).

    So, I felt like sharing this with you guys cuz for the first time in a long time I feel like I'm actually gonna be going places soon.

    So here's my first band, which ATM is just a duo between me and another guitar player (we hold down the other instruments in recordings too). Our first demo which we put out saturday is called "The Esqueness of Cuatro" (inside joke, don't ask lol).…

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  • Keiisnotthattired

    Okay, so, a few years back I stumbled onto this thing while looking at the .ca sites on internet archive. I really don't know what it is. I know it has something to do with customizing your desktop, but not much else. The reason it isn't on the site anymore is probably because it isn't compatible with modern operating systems.

    It's called "17th Parallel Desktop". Here's the picture from the "extras" page:

    It was subtittled with this on the extras page:

    "17th Parallel Desktop Make your computer one of a kind with editable decorations and a lot more! » check it out!"

    Here's a link to the "extras" page archive I was looking at: [Link]

    Here's a link to the 17 Parallel Desktop page itself in the archive: [Link]

    The pages were archived on February 18th…

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  • Keiisnotthattired

    I know this question has come up for a long time, and that for years now we've all been debating on when zincRoe design will finally pull the plug on the website that's brought us all together. The site went live in 2005, and here we are in 2017.

    We've all seen how the site has been going downhill- lack of blog posts, must-sees, new spotlight members... And when you e-mail the moderators or even flag a movie as being inappropriate, you don't seem to ever get a response anymore. The only thing that seems to be keeping the site alive is the active members in the .com community. They're practically running the site themselves without actually running it, if that makes any sense.

    Work-efforts to make the parent-company focus on the Zimmer Twins …

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  • TripleJ3

    Zimmer Twins Memories

    March 9, 2017 by TripleJ3

    So I was watching some of my old ZT movies and I just got a stream of memories. So I've decided to make a blog dedicated to memories. Everyone is welcome to give out their memories on one of my favorite websites (well before it all went downhill, that is.). Here's a memory I have that I don't think I ever told.

    So back in 2010, my sister showed my this website called "Zimmer Twins." Once I made my very first movie, I was hooked. And basically my sister's account was full of terrible movies I made. If you guys want to see said terrible movies, just look up "candykamm" on ZT. This was before VIP memberships happened, so you can view all of them. Then a year later, my sister got quite mad about the fact I made all these filter movies. So I got…

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  • TripleJ3


    Yeah, sorry. So instead of doing another STUPID GENERIC BLOG POST THAT EXPLAINS THE REASON WHY I'M NOT ON THIS WIKI... I'm just gonna talk about random things.

    First of all, these meet-ups. If you guys are like meeting eachother irl, could one of the people do a Skype call so I can join in WITHOUT travelling anywhere? I just don't really have the time to meet you guys without looking at a computer and also.... well just in case anyone has been living under a rock, I'm only 12 turning 13 in a couple of months! I can't just get my own plane tickets to a place or drive there! But anyways, if that can't happen, I'd love to hear the sto…

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  • Furry1832

    ​Note: This is MY personal opinion of latest songs

    • ​Anja Nissen - Where I Am
    • ​OG3NE - Lights and Shadows
    • ​Loreen - Statements
    • ​Elina Born - In or Out
    • ​Kerli - Spirit Animal
    • ​SunStroke Project - Hey Mamma!

    ​Check out these songs and comment the ratings and what you like about it!

    ​Eg: 4/10 Bland, not my cup of tea

    ​Hope to hear comments about the songs!


    Read more >
  • TheRadBoy

    Meet-Up Rescheduling

    March 5, 2017 by TheRadBoy

    Well, I was not supposed to make any new meet-up blogs since my last blog was a full list of meet-ups until the summer, but I have to.

    Ya see, our meet-up yesterday was a major failure. Sad! Only Eric, Rafal, and I showed up. We all had to leave within an hour anyway.

    So, how about next Saturday, March 11th, for the meet-up? I'll probably make it. Wuddabouty'all?

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