BookgirlZT has been a user on Zimmer Twins since 2008 when she started as pollw ( She is a popular user, has 2 must sees, 222 crowd pleasers, and 976 movies. She officially quit on October 19th, 2016.

Bookie Profile Pic
General Information
Gender: Female
Name: BookgirlZT
Nickname: Bookie
Likes: Making Movies, having fun
Dislikes: Riots, Mean People
Quote: "Uh...heh..heh.."

What ever




Current Series:


Let's Get Weird!!!


Zimmer Twins Information
First movie: "Wagon Rider Rally"
Movies: 976
Crowd Pleasers: 222
Must Sees: 2


Membership Status:


Accounts Edit

BookGirlZT started as pollw in 2009. Her first movie was titled, "Whoah!"

As you can tell by watching, she wasn't very good. Later, in 2010, she started a new account called Bebeonetwo. Her first movie on that account (her 33rd movie total) was 13's powers, Part 1. She had a total of 1504 movies on that account. In 2011, she rejoined as BookgirlZT, still maintaining the account Bebeonetwo. She, as of now, has made a total of 2250 movies.

Pollw Edit

Pollw's movies can be found here.

Bebeonetwo Edit

Bebeonetwo's movies can be found here.

BookgirlZT Edit

BookgirlZT's movies can be found here.

This was her final account.

Must See Edit

BookgirlZT's first must see, New Years Spectacular, can be found here. Her second must see, Thirpocalypse Candy, makes a reference to her first must see.

Trivia Edit

  • She has had 3 accounts
  • Her current membership has expired.
  • Her favorite Zimmer Twins characters are Mme Psycho and Eva.
  • She is a fan of My Little Pony.
  • She is a fan of Pokemon.
  • She likes to watch Disney Channel.
  • She is against trolls and flamewars.
  • She is a fan of Darkwing Duck, like D.T.
  • She makes art. 
  • She is the creator of Chosen, How I Met Your 13, and LET'S GET WEIRD!!!
  • She is a fan of Queen.
  • She has a DeviantArt.
  • She loves Steven Universe.
  • She is a geek/nerd.
  • She made the picture for her infobox!


Bookie has 5 ocs currently.

  1. Autumn
  2. Emmi
  3. Bookie
  4. Poll
  5. Bebe

Other AccountsEdit

DeviantArt: Rose-Writer

Youtube: Rose Writer


A full gallery of Bookie's work can be found on her Deviantart page. 

Click here to see her gallery.

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