The Chinese Restaurant is a location available for everyone to use in the Movie Maker. It is also the presumed local diner of the Zimmer Twins. The background music is a calming yet foreign tune.


  • The restaurant's name is 愉快的猫 (Yúkuài de māo), meaning "Happy Cat" in Mandarin Chinese.
  • The text on the cat shrine says 千万両 (senmanryō), which is Japanese meaning "10,000,000 ryo". Ryo was a type of coin used in the Edo period of Japan.
  • The text on this type of "cat shrine" shouldn't be where it is. The cat should be holding a gold coin (called a koban) with the text on it.
  • "Lucky Cats" are Japanese, not Chinese. Therefore the cat shrine is out of place.
  • In The Golden Idol Awards, Edgar and Eva watch a telepic on a TV in this restaurant. However, on the site itself, no TV is found in the background.
  • The Chinese Restaurant appears in the Fortune Misfortune starter and the Flying Furball game, as the setting of the third stage.


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