Diggory Evans (Chosen)
"I will have my revenge one day...."-Bill


October 25, 2014







Season 2 Premier

December 27, 2014



No. of Seasons


Season 2 Finale

December 31, 2014

Season 3 Premier

January 17, 2015

Season 3 finale

January 4, 2016

"5/5" -Delta8, Chosen Part 10

Reception Edit

Chosen consists of 13 crowd pleasers. Chosen S1E9 has recieved the most views, 201. 

Season 1 Edit

Season 1 starts with a boy walking into his room to find his friend, Autumn, in there. She confronts him on reading a journal/diary type book, and says something bad can only happen as the result. Soon, strange occurrences begin to happen. 

Part 1Edit

Diggory walks into his room to find Autumn. She confronts him on reading their parents' (No, they are not related) journal. Daesi walks in to find Autumn and Diggory arguing. Diggory confesses, but does not confirm that he read a spell. 

Part 2Edit

Leo and Jordan are in the kitchen when they hear a strange beeping noise. This leads them to believe it is a bomb, and they take cover. Soon, they realize it is just the microwave that has finished cooking their lunch. Diggory, Autumn, and Daesi teleport into the kitchen, all unaware it is Diggory's doing. 

See a full list of episodes here . *Note the page is still a work in progress*

Season 2Edit

Season 2 has been confirmed by BookgirlZT. There is to be a new cast of characters, although Diggory and Autumn will appear.

Characters Edit

Protagonists Edit

Diggory- A 15 year old boy who is "The Chosen One" according to Bill. Very handsome and the best character of all time. -Diggory. DIGGORY, STOP MAKING EDITS ON THIS PAGE! -Autumn Awww. -Diggory

Autumn- A 14 year old girl. She is Diggory's friend. She appears in A.Y.Z.E?

Daesi- Pronounced Daisy. A 15 year old girl. She is Diggory's friend.

Jordan- A 13 year old boy. His best friend is Leo.

Leo- A 15 year old boy. His best friend is Jordan.

Emmi-A 13 year old girl. Her brother is Luis. (Seas.2) She will appear in Camp Zimmerville.

Luis- A 15 year old boy. His sister is Emmi. (Seas.2.)

Attie- A 16 year old girl. She is a prodigy, but it is unknown in what. (Seas.2)

Gia- An 18 year old girl. (Seas. 3.)

Tori- A 14 year old girl. (Seas. 3)

Barry- A 17 year old boy. (Seas.3)

Rian- A 19 year old boy. (Seas.3)

Map- A Talking Map with attitude. (Seas.3)

Antagonists Edit

Bill- An old sarcastic wizard who is evil because of anger. He is now hiding.

Drummond- Bill's older brother.

Undecided Edit

Korey- A 17 year old boy working for Bill. He got fired in Chosen part 13. He is now a protagonist.

Extra Edit

Carl- Bill's rude boss. This may be a reason Bill is evil.

Mr. Waters- The orphanage runner.

Actors Edit

Delivery Boy





Mme Psycho


Locations Edit

The Park

Bill's work place

The street

Diggory's house

Emmi and Luis' house

The Alley

The Cave

The Forest

The Mountain

Wiki Edit

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