Close-up clips are clips that show a zoom in of the characters doing an action or expression. A couple examples the clips can be used for is to make a character express their approval or disapproval of something, or to perform an action that can be followed up with an Action clip or Talk bubble clip. There are a different variety of close-up clips clips to choose from, including, but not limited to: "Agrees", "Angry", "Bored", "Happy", "Cries", and "Calls"!

Thumbnail Name Duration
AgreesThumbnail Agrees 1 second
AngryThumbnail Angry 1 second
BoredThumbnail Bored 1 second
CallsThumbnail Calls 3 seconds
ConfusedThumbnail Confused 1 second
DisagreesThumbnail Disagrees 1 second
DizzyThumbnail Dizzy 2 seconds
ExaminesThumbnail Examines 1 second
HappyThumbnail Happy 1 second
ImpressedThumbnail Impressed 1 second
CriesThumbnail Cries * 3 seconds
PlugsEarsThumbnail Plugs Ears 2 seconds
RelievedThumbnail Relieved 1 second
ScaredThumbnail Scared 1 second
SeeksThumbnail Seeks 2 seconds
SurprisedThumbnail Surprised 1 second
SuspiciousThumbnail Suspicious 1 second
TeaseThumbnail Tease 1 second
ZimmerizesThumbnail Zimmerizes 1 second
PlotsThumbnail Plots 2 seconds
PreensThumbnail Preens * 1 second
WritesThumbnail Writes * 1 second

* = Exclusive to VIP members!

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