Dimension-Hopping (series) Edit

Dimension-hopping is a series created by ZavundeB. It revolves around 13 getting lost in different dimensions while Edgar tries to save him. 13 visits Yukon Territory, Canada and plays a series of sports.

Plot Edit

When Edgar warps 13 into another dimension, he tries to save him. Meanwhile, 13 gets chased by Carl. He goes to Yukon Arena to play the Olympics, and meets Superwoman. Edgar gets very close to meeting 13, but nearly always fails. 13 finally gets to Edgar but they discover Evil-O, an evil robot that is identical to Eva.

Characters Edit

13 the Cat:

13 is a small cat that has psychic powers. However, he hardly ever gets to use these powers as Carl has possessed them and he is now lots in a dimension with no way of getting back.


Carl is the main villain of the series, who always stops 13 and Edgar from getting to safety. In Season 3, he used 'The Explode-O-Coke Diet', making a reference to ZavundeB's first must-see, The Explode-O-Coke 3000.

Superwoman (Season 2):

Superwoman is one of the main characters of Season 2. She hosts the Olympics but turns in to an antagonist somewhere in the middle of that season. Even though nothing happened to her at the end of Season 2, she hasn't made an appearance in Season 3 yet.

Gendelf (Season 3):

Gendelf, Edgar and 13's psychic bodyguard fills in for them as the have lost their powers. Not much is known about him as he has only appeared in 2 episodes, but he will continue through the series, according to the creator.

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