Edgar's Karate:

Edgar's Karate II:

Edgar's Karate is a must-see created by Psychic8. it was created a week or two after Psychic8 joined the website. He was very proud of when it became a must-see.

Plot; (Edgar's Karate I) Edit

In the movie, Edgar is practicing Karate in the living room. Eva walks in and asks what he's up to, he says that he's practicing Karate for a competition he saw in the newspaper. He hands it to Eva and she takes a look, Eva says that Edgar should enter it, but Edgar replies by asking when it was, Eva replied by telling him that it was right now. So they both teleport backstage. 13 then announces that it is time for Edgar to go on stage. After showing off his Karate moves. 13 awards him with; "The Ancient Karate Idol." and Edgar is happy. The crowd is cheering. Edgar walks out, and the movie finishes.

Plot; (Edgar's Karate II) Edit

In the second movie, Edgar wants a break from Karate, so he watches TV. He sees Eva doing Karate on TV, when 13 says; "Another astounding Karateka!" Eva is happy, 13 then awards her with the ancient Karate idol, taking the prize off of Edgar. Edgar looks very angry at this point. He sets off to get his idol back. He teleports to the backstage and questions himself how 13 got the idol. He runs onto the stage and shouts; "I demand an answer, 13! 13 and Eva are surprised but then 13 says to go ahead, loser. He questions 13 how he got his idol. 13 ignores him and wants Edgar and Eva to have a Karate-off. Eva is happy and when Edgar is about to say that he never answered the question, Eva buts in and says; "The challenge has begun!" Edgar says he's a loser, quits and sits down. Eva gets angry at him and she is saying that he's making her look like a fool. Edgar didn't care. He told her that she had the fame. Eva then tells the audience to look at her, she hands it back and says that that is the only day she'll ever be kind. The crowd cheers, and the movie finishes.

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