The Epic Rap Battles of ZT History is a short series created by [d1_studios]. The first rap battle was "Edgar Zimmer vs, Eva Zimmer". It was proclaimed to be a "sort of" sequel to the Zimmer Twins Psychic Power Battle of 2013. Soon, users asked for more rap battles. It is based on ERB's "Epic Rap Battles of History".


1. Edgar Zimmer vs. Eva Zimmer

The twins go ahead each other, with most users voting that Eva wins.

2. Mailman vs. Wizard

Both (apparently proclaimed) wizards, The Mailman and The Wizard, go against each other in a rap. It ends with the Wizard teleporting the Mailman to Zimburu, where an Alien meets him.

3. Golden Idol vs. 13

The two cats go into a "catfight" for this episode. Edgar wakes up and ends up joining the rap battle, telling them to be quiet.

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