Zimmer Twins
Eva with 13
Gender Female
Species Human
Age 12
Family Edgar (brother),
13 (cat)

Eva is Edgar's twin sister. She is 15 minutes older than Edgar, which Edgar hates. Her favorite food is Pistachio ice cream with chocolate chip sprinkles.


Eva has red hair tied in a purple head band. She wears a black tank top with a white star on it. Like Edgar, she has six red freckles on her face; three on each side. She wears purple pants.


Eva's pesonalty is way different from Edgar's. She is very smart and likes playing with 13. Eva does not get along with Edgar.

Eva Zimmer
December 13th 1993 at 1:00 pm (which means that she's a whole 15 minutes older then her twin brother Edgar!)
Favourite colour
lime green
Favourite food
pistachio ice cream with mini chocolate chip sprinkles
Favourite sport
Favourite place to hang out
her room
Favourite hobby
playing with her cat, 13
Favourite song
“Underneath the Stars” by Mariah Carey
Now reading
“Chicken Broth for the New Psychic Teenager’s Soul”

Top 5 pet peeves: 1.Her twin brother’s annoying pranks 2.Getting cat hair up her nose 3.People who think she's a witch – She's not! She's psychic, you banana heads! 4.Late fees on her library card 5.Getting stuck in the 13th dimension and not knowing how to get back

Top 5 things she loves about having psychic powers: 1.No more need to use the microwave (She can heat things up with her mind!) 2.Being able to read the future of those snobby girls at school (they all grow up to have big butts!) 3.Levitating means she always haves brand new looking shoes 4.Freaking out her friends by guessing all the answers at Trivial Pursuit 5.Never again being late for class since she can teleport herself to school