I'll freak you out... -Freaker
Freaker is a Zimmer Twins user who joined (as a VIP) on November 11, 2016. He is an alias of Psychic8.


Freaker joined Zimmer Twins on November 11th, 2016. He was never non-VIP. He chose to be VIP instantly because the day that his Psychic8 account expired from VIP was the same day that he joined.

First VIP

Freaker made his first movie, Hello, Everyone, on November 11, 2016. Who he really was was unknown until his third (now deleted) movie, I'm Psychic8. He mentioned that it was his second account that he would only use until December. -GammaRay-, a six-month VIP user, checked Psychic8's original profile, and the VIP had expired. Freaker then made a Pokémon series. It is unknown if it is finished or not. He then later deleted it for being too violent.

Series & Movies

He currently has no must-sees. He deleted his Pokémon series, too. He currently is making a long series; Wild West. That series will hopefully be finished on his Psychic8 account, seeing how long it is. He is working on no other series.

Connection To Psychic8

He is Psychic8.

Freaker is Psychic8's side account.

He has no other connection apart from being him.

PS: Psychic8'll return in December, don't worry.

Family Members

He has a brother and sister.

His brother is Piki11 on Zimmer Twins, but is not VIP.

His sister; lrl9, is VIP and continues to make multiple movies every day.