Fudgybuddy is a well-known user on Zimmer Twins. He's been on Zimmer Twins since 2011, and has had (sort of) an interesting Zimmer Twins history.

The time Fudgybuddy forgot about Zimmer Twins (2008, 2009 or 2010)Edit

Fudgybuddy first heard of Zimmer Twins in either 2008, 2009 or 2010 (He couldn't remember when he first
Zimmer twins qubopics

The Zimmer Twins on Qubo

heard about it) when he was watching Qubo on Telemundo (in Spanish). He saw a Zimmer Twins Qubopic in Spanish. He couldn't quite understand the language (although he did know a bit of Spanish), but he wondered if it had a(n) (english speaking) website, so he checked on the computer and there it was, the Zimmer Twins on Qubo website. He was having a lot of fun. It was either when that he was going on some sort of trip or something that he forgot about the whole thing, the website, the Qubopics, everything! It wasn't until 2011 that he remembered. He was searching for Qubo-related stuff, and he re-discovered the Zimmer Twins website (it probably looked a little different the last time he checked it out). He signed in as "Fudgybuddy" (one of his nicknames his father calls him) and started making movies right away (he had so much fun, in fact, that he made so many movies to test his moviemaking skills, movies that didn't even make any sense!). Then, one day (probably in 2011), while he was on Zimmer Twins, he finally remembered that day when he first discovered Zimmer Twins, and first watched the Zimmer Twins on Qubo. For a few months, he desparately tried to get a Qubopic (though he didn't realize that the Qubopics didn't exsisit anymore; Oops! Major spoiler! Sorry). Then, one day (probably in 2012 or something), while conserned about not getting any Qubopics, he emailed the Mods (they rarely respond to emails nowadays) and the Mods sent back an email that shocked him; The Zimmer Twins wrapped up their partnership with Qubo in 2010, and because of that, Qubopics have been discontinued ever since, and not just that, the Zimmer Twins also had partnerships with Teletoon (Canada) and Austrailian Broadcasting Companies (Austrailia) that have been wrapped up and the Qubo partnership is the last one that they've wrapped up that the Zimmer Twins have kids movies get broadcasted on TV, and probably won't go on-air again for a long time (for unknown reasons). This shocked him terribly and made him depressed for several days. Fudgybuddy called this "a time that he missed out on something great. A time which included something so grand, so wonderous, and so extrodinary that it would automatically grab a kids attention." Fudgybuddy also calls this "one of his regretful moments" because of "missing out on something grand." He got jealous because of other kids movies being broadcasted on TV (this counting the Rocopicks (Austrailian ABC) and also the Telepicks (Teletoon) ). He got so jealous, in fact, that he started petitioning about bringing the Zimmer Twins back on TV (counting the ABC and Teletoon as well) non-stop and entering any non Zimmer Twins-contests including animation and hoping to win (or trying or begging to enter one). He soon calmed down a little after, but still had some problems facing that fact that Zimmer Twins is off-air, so someone told him something that calmed him down a little (more like a lot), but he can't remember who said it:

"Somebody on Zimmer Twins, that I think I know (I can't remember who that person is and if I know him/her or not), told me not too long ago, that the Zimmer Twins won't be on TV. Well, at least, not for a very LONG time. Well, I hope that that somebody is right, because kids making movies out of a simple movie making machine (and also possibly using starters as well) and hopefully seeing it on TV, is truly, an idea of clever genius." ~Fudgybuddy

Must-sees created by FudgybuddyEdit

  • 13's bedtime real dream (2011) - 13 has a dream that actually happened in real life (Now I feel like this makes no sense, at all. That's because I made werid movies at the time, but I made re-edited it a couple times to make it a tad bit funnier, and now it sorta makes more sense)...
  • Edgarroni (2012) - Edgar wants to create a state, but Eva and 13 think he's crazy. But in the end, Edgar shows them. (For imastampers contest about making a movie about America or Canada, but instead, he had an original idea about someone creating a state)...
  • Paper scraper (2012) - 13 wants to work for a litterbox company, but doesn't realize that no cats are allowed to work there. (First movie by Fudgy Films Cartoon Studios)...
  • Crazy Cookie (2013) - A fortune cookie comes up with some crazy fortunes, leading to Eva having a crazy future. (A slapstick cartoon)...
  • Followed by a cat (2013) - Edgar gets chased by a stray cat who would eventually become their pet. (This is a myth on how 13 came to live with the Zimmer Twins; pretty much also a slapstick cartoon)...
  • Three Sisters (2014) - Edgar gets a visit from three sisters in order to help change his ways that he treats Eva. (This is a spoof of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens).

First year (2011)Edit

He entered the world of Zimmer Twins sometime in January 2011 (I believe). Like I said earlier, he made really weird and nonsense movies for a little while. Some of his movies made a little bit of sense, but that was all. He only got one must-see that year, 13's bedtime real dream. He started getting a little better later that year, but he still had some spelling (possibly) and grammar problems. And I believe that he was trying to get a Qubopic during that year, although he probably didn't know that Qubopics were finished a year before. Also, during that year, he created a cartoon comedy series on Zimmer Twins called "Cartoon Craze". It was originally a store with actual items. But he closed the store and turned it into a series after getting a warning from the ZT mods because the website asked for personal information. The first episode is called "Edgar and Eva in love?" You can search all the episodes on the Zimmer Twins website by typing in the search box: "cartoon craze fudgybuddy". So far he's still in the third season, with a total of 39 episodes in the entire series. He originally had the idea to create an actual show of the series with several-part episodes, but this idea was cancelled since he didn't like it, and he thought other users wouldn't like it and that he thought he would get another warning from the ZT mods about it because of some rude behavior. There was also a feature length animated musical comedy about the series, but that was later deleted.

Second year (2012)Edit

Some more things happened during that year. Like I said earlier, he eventually discovered that Qubopics were no more and went into a minor depression (in which he calmed down a while after, but rarely still hurts him thinking about it nowadays). He also got 2 new must-sees during that year, Edgarroni, and Paper Scraper. He was so happy that he made a short video thanking the mods for his 2 must-sees (with also a prediction about Fudgy Films, the company that created Paper Scraper, becoming a huge success which didn't necessarily come true). Also, a little bit later during that year, Sugarpuff (another ZT member) asked him if she and him would start a company together, in which he agreed and they both came up with the name "Lost in Laughs Productions" which was similar to the name "Lost the Plot Productions", a company part of Zinc Roe Design that pretty much created the Zimmer Twins website and TV show. The company was a big success and Sugarpuff starting hiring many other ZT users (most of them were hired just by winning contests made by Sugarpuff). A while after the company's creation, Sugarpuff realized that he wasn't attending as much or helping the company that much (which the cause of the problem was pretty much because of lack of time of the ZImmer Twins website) and decided that he could become contest manager (I think), to which he reluctantly (sort of) agreed. Later that year, Sugarpuff decided to close LILP, due to the fact that whenever she had a meeting, only half of the employees attended them. But fudgybuddy, who really liked the idea of LILP,  decided to give her pep talk to convince her to reopen LILP. Here is the entire conversation:

The conversation started with her asking Fudgybuddy to talk with her in the comments.

Fudgybuddy: Sure! What do you want to tell me?

Sugarpuff: Well, do you wanna make a new group?

Fudgybuddy: What's wrong? I thought LILP was fine?

Sugarpuff: It just didn't work out... Some things just get old I guess... Restarting has always been                      my solution : ( ...

Sugarpuff: Look, I gotta log off... Plz think about it... : )

Sugarpuff: Wait! I've got a little bit longer... Plz don't go! : O

Fudgybuddy: Listen, Sugarpuff; I think that LILP is the best company name I ever chose! I would                            not wanna change the name if I were you. I already sent publicity not just around                              Zimmer Twins, but live on the internet! I know it's hard, but listen, when I heard that                          you were closing LILP, I felt heartbroken. That's because everyone loved your                                  project! You act like you're giving up! Here's some advice: Don't give up and your                            dreams will come true! Seem fine with that answer?

Sugarpuff: Okay... You're right about the giving up thing... Thanks... I guess it's just been hard                          since most of my pals left ZT... I don't really know who to call my friend or not... Except                      you! Thanks again! : D

Fudgybuddy: You're welcome... I try to help...

During the conversation, Fudgybuddy reavealed that he created a website about LILP on a website creator called Wix, which was soon abandoned when he couldn't remember his password and username.

Anyways, a little while after the conversation, Sugarpuff reopened LILP, and most users on ZT were happy. But unfortunately, this was short-lived. It was abandoned once again when Sugarpuff's VIP on Zimmer Twins expired.

Third year (2013)Edit

This was sort of a pretty more different year than Fudgybuddy ever experienced. He got 2 more new must-sees during that year, Crazy Cookie, and Followed By A Cat.  He also tried to get in touch with the mods, in which he got no response. During that year and possibly even before, the Zimmer Twins website was (and probably still is) in a community crisis. The Zimmer Twins website wasn't as awesome or, at least, stable enough as it was before, in the good old days. The ZT staff was low of employees and money. Many of the staff employees left for unknown reasons. Teletoon and Qubo stopped funding them a long time ago. As a result, the Zimmer Twins community went into a so-called "depression."  Some of the users decided to think of it as "The Great ZT Depression." Also, he tried to get another must-see that year, and is still trying to get as of now (soon he'll eventually get another one). He's also working on a movie called Dark Space, in which he is still working on as of 2014 (and soon probably 2015 or 2016; hopefully it won't take that long for the movie to be released). It's a flash-animated science-fiction supernatural action heartfelt comedy adventure staring Edgar Zimmer as a twin brother named Eddy, Eva Zimmer as a twin sister named Maria, and 13 Zimmer as a pyschic cat named Fluffy, who go on an adventure to save the universe from an evil alien named Arnold. Fudgy Films Cartoon Studios wanted to make a full-length animated feature film. The film went through many phases and ideas before finally they got tired of it and decided to, at least, try to settle on the "Dark Space" idea and sort of felt like the idea had some potential to become a movie. There's not much more to say here so let's move on.

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