Jaaszi Skypee Megagamer1 Stormrox

Favorite Colour

Lime Green Dark Orange

Favorite Food


Pet Peeves



Edgar( Rarely 13 )

Favorite ZT Character

Madame Pyshco

Favorite Scene

The Living room or Eva's Bedroom

Furry1831 is a User who joined ZT on April 2015,He was classifed a good user in the early times,but later on,his anger and depression unfolded as he wanted his charecters(Jill and Abagail) to win Camp Survival season 5 for Jill,Unfortantly,Jill did'nt make it,which made him furious,but on Can You Survive? Abagail made it but was first to be eleminated on the series.

How Furry1831 JoinedEdit

Furry Joined because of his older brother Joining ZT school in 2011. In 2014 He Investigated the first users.However he forgot ZT from Go!Animate. He has a channel called Tigrus323. Known as "King" of Go!Animate in October 2014. As a Joke. In April, he Began ZT on his own account without VIP. He got on ZT because of his VIP on Go!Animate getting cancelled. He still, however, makes movies on Free User. Like Harmana and Ellie series. He started these on June, stopped for over a year before returning to the Series.

See Tigrus323 on Go!Animate Wiki for more Info.

Will he leave?Edit

Well, he will leave for short periods because of the Membership. Furry1831 will save up money for a 1 Month Membership after his first runs out. But when he turns 13(He's 9 right now) He will Permanatly leave ZT To continue Puberty. Which means he'll leave somewhere around 2018 or 2019

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