Furry1832 is the newer and second user of Furry1831. He is currently a Non-VIP user.

Furry1831 life

Furry1832 started out as a GoAnimate user in 2014, but had low popularity and confirmed in GoAnimate a " bad user ". He then found Zimmer Twins as an obsession after GoAnimate died in popularity. He made an account called " Furry1831 " and started off making friends such as skyman9, but later he started threatning people to let him onto their series and copied other people's movies and series, such as CS season five and Robot Mayhem. He quit on September 2015 after his VIP expired.

The Rebirth of Furry1831

Furry1831 returned to Zimmer Twins, after a 17 month hiatus. He created a new account called " Furry1832 " and is a Non-VIP. He has also made an account for Zimmer Twin Wiki and Community Central. He is a big Eurovision Fan


  • He likes Eurovision and Ballads
  • His Favourite food is Bocochini and Ravioli.
  • He partly hates Illustr8r for being a " Charlie Spammer "
  • He has made a series on his Non-VIP account called "ZT User CS S1"
  • His favourite music artists are Naviband, Norma John, Conchita Wurst and Polina Gagarina.

Other Websites

Roblox - LewiGaming

GoAnimate ( the crappy rundown site XD ) - Tigrus323

Minecraft - Jettlewis ( Yes I do grief, can we move on now )

OCs ( Own Characters )

  • Abagail Flinders ( Survive )
  • Jill Yollins ( CS S5 )
  • Rodger Pinewoods ( Not Used )
  • Charles Oakpin ( Stranded )

Axon ( ZT User CS )


  • Imastamper
  • Rad256
  • Catboy


  • Skypee
  • Jaaszi ( Sometimes )