Username: GMAN6
Location: N/A
Points: 4685
Movies: 151
Crowd Pleasers 14
Must-Sees 0
Membership: VIP
Favorite ZT users N/A
Joined ZT 2011 (presumably) - ongoing

GMAN6 is a well-known user who created his account back in, what is believed to be, 2011.


GMAN6 created his Zimmer Twins account possibly in 2011. His first movie was a short, 14 second long movie where Edgar wrote about the United States Air Force and Eva complimented it.

A lot of GMAN6's first movies were a bit random but several users enjoyed his movies. Rad256 even called him "a great movie maker" on one of them.

GMAN6 was quite active in 2015, and would often make movies, although he would comment on other movies more than he would make movies.

GMAN6 started becoming less active towards the end of 2015, and became very inactive in early 2016. He unexpectadly renewed his VIP membership on March 25, 2016.

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