Harryhall is a popular series maker. He has made many series in his three years on ZT, including Super Edgar 1-4, Hide and Seek disaster, and his recent series The Nine Colonies.

His first movie was '13's flight', and in the comments he later claimed he had no idea what to do with the clips and starters, which led to the movie's sensless plot.

He currently has 677 movies, most of wich consisting of series' trailers, sign-ups, and the series themselves. His first must-see, Zimmertwins Carols, was published with little time before Christmas of 2013. He admits he was shocked at the must-see, as he was bored in making this short spoof on holiday classics.


Super Edgar: Eva has been kidnapped by 13's evil twin 15, and Edgar must travel to different worlds and collect power gems in order to save her.

Hide and Seek disaster: Starting the first episode with the starter 'Foiled', harryhall's long series focused on the Zimmer Twins and 13 avoiding the evil wizard in attempt to return home.

Ghostbusters: Hh's miniseries is telling the audience what the title suggests; Edgar, Eva and 13 team up to knock out the paranormal visitors in ZT.

Harryhall presumably left ZT in 2014, but pops in every once and a while. 

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