How I Met Your 13 is a 20-part series created by BookgirlZT. 

How I Met Your 13
How I met your 13 thumbnail
"You can TALK!?" -Edgar

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Edgar, Eva, 13, The Wizard






The series starts off with Edgar and Eva playing hide and seek as kids. (The Starter). Edgar lands in the 13th dimension, claiming he hurt his back. Edgar sees a cat (13) and asks him what he's doing there. The cat replies that that is his home, and Edgar is shocked to hear the cat talk, and the cat is confused as to why he is. He hands Edgar a fortune he dropped, and Edgar tries to think of a way out. The cat reveals its psychic abilities by reading his mind and saying there is no way out. The cat tries to cover up by claiming it's a medical condition. Edgar does not believe him. Eva, not being able to find Edgar, calls him. Edgar asks the cat where they are (the 13th dimension) and Edgar tells  Eva to google it. He hangs up the phone and she proceeds to doing so. Eva finds a lot of results, but does not believe it and gets upset because she thinks Edgar is cheating to win.

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