Illustr8r is a relatively popular user of Zimmer Twins. She has over 1,000 movies currently. She creates/created 3 series, The 13 Show, Eva's E-Mail, and Reporter 13.

She is rather mysterious and manipulative in nature.

She has over 3,000 movies and is excellent at manipulation.

She uses common elements, such as Eva and 13 being great friends, the VIP characters as their family members, 13 being a newscaster, and the black text box being herself speaking.

She seems to like the music of Charlie Puth and Meghan Trainor, as she references their songs fairly often. She even made a ZT music video for Trainor's "Better When I'm Dancin'", a song she likes a lot.

She also seems to have a huge crush on Charlie Puth, as she is very obsessed with him, talks about him a lot (even saying that she wants to marry him and have lots and lots of children), and even makes a few movies about him. He is also a frequent title topic in her spams as "Charlene", her bad-girl alter ego who means business and wants to claim the record for most movies. 

She really wants to break her own record at making the most movies, but although NR905 wants to beat her in breaking the record for the most movies, she just wants to keep going.

Factoids Edit

Age: 9th Grade

Pet: Nothing

BFFs: Emr247, Stormrox, and RamonaFan

Friends: No friends. She's pretty much a loner.

Profile: Silly and smart

Logs: Favorite character is the Fortune Teller. Represents herself as Eva in movies, mostly.

Birthday: In May

Side: Bad

Roommate: Nobody. She does not want the company.

BFFAs: What Ever, Chels, and Bookie Doll

Year: The 1990's. She enjoys vintage collectable dolls.

Sewn On: She doesn't sew yet. She wants to learn how.

Sewn From: She plans to learn to sew scarves.

Affiliation: Zimmer Twins and YouTube

Type: Spams, not as active.

Name: Illustr8r

Born: Yes, she was.

Gender: Girl

Nicknames: 'Str8r, Eva, ILS8R, 8r

Relationships: Good friends, mostly

Family: None known

First Episode: Welcome, Everybody

Last Episode: I Keep Getting Views

Seasons: 2012-present

Threats: Known for spamming, but she's awesome.

She's 15Edit

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