P imastamper
General Information
Gender: Female
Lives in: California, USA
Nationality: American
Member Since: ~September 2009
Family: ladybug45 (sister, quit)
13fluff (brother, quit)

Movie Information

First movie: Bunny Trouble!
Latest movie: Ima Update!
Movies: 872
Crowd Pleasers: 105



Membership Status:



Expired February 1st, 2018

Imastamper discovered The Zimmer Twins during the summer of 2008 and became a member of the site during the fall of 2009. Over the years, she has been on-and-off of VIP membership, and is generally active in the ZT community outside of the .com--though she is famous for taking unforseen hiatuses.

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V.I.P Memberships

On March 31st, 2010, V.I.P Memberships were released on the Zimmer Twins website. The moderation team gave Imastamper a free year of V.I.P Membership. Though skeptical about the new website format at first, Imastamper eventually stayed with The Zimmer Twins and became accustomed to V.I.P Membership. She has been on-and-off concerning renewal.

The Thomas Edison Report

The Thomas Edison Report movie was made by Imastamper for extra credit while learning about Thomas Edison. This movie got Imastamper mentioned in the Zimmer Blog , and later on, in the History of Zimmer Twins song by Photo-bo . The movie has one incorrect bit of information, however- Thomas Edison did not invent the lightbulb--he invented a different type known as the incandescent lightbulb. This information was brought to attention and corrected in a collaborated version by weatherboy .

The Must-Sees of Imastamper

These Must-Sees are listed in the order they were posted.

Imastamper's Series

The following are the most notable of Imastamper's series, listed in the order they were created.

Imastamper's Fan Animations

The following video is a compilation of fanmade animations by Imastamper, with commentary and explainations.

【COMMENTARY VERSION】 Zimmer Twins Psychix Transformations

【COMMENTARY VERSION】 Zimmer Twins Psychix Transformations

All of the animations, with commentary.

For the short version without commentary, click here.  A series of new animations similar to the ones in the video above were in progress, with one even completed. However, it has been years, and Imastamper is currently trying out new methods of animation for this purpose. Imastamper does not currently take animation requests.

Imastamper's Zimmer Twins Fan Art

This is some of the Zimmer Twins fan art created by Imastamper.

Click here to view rules for requests and put any requests you might have on Imastamper's talk page.


  • Imastamper is a part of the 10 Must-sees club, along with Catboy, Rad256, TinyRobot, Smiley23, Whatever, Username00, and MegaGamer1.
  • Imastamper was mentioned twice in the History of Zimmer Twins song, because of the Thomas Edison Report and for contributing (?) to the project.
  • Imastamper has been mistaken for the opposite gender on multiple occasions, likely because a vast majority of her announcement videos either have Edgar as the main speaker, or the black text screen.
  • Imastamper has been given various nicknames over the years. The most common is "Ima". Then there was the short-lived "Imastampy" , introduced by Qubo_kart.
  • Imastamper's username is often spelled incorrectly. It has been spelled "Imapaster", "Imastsamper", "iamstamper", etc.
  • Imastamper has been using The Zimmer Twins for around 10 years and has been a member for about 9 years--over half her life!
  • Imastamper began a commentary series where she posts comments on all of her movies and gives special behind-the-scenes details. It is currently incomplete.
  • Imastamper is notorious for taking unforseen hiatuses from the community, which usually causes confusion and/or frustration among other community members. Sometimes these hiatuses are due to life being hectic, but they are mostly due to ambiversion.
  • Imastamper is also notorious for starting series and then putting them on indefinite hiatuses due to lack of inspiration or laziness. The most notable of these series are AIZT:R, Stranded, and THE GAME.