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Karaoke Star is a movie created by Lux, a Qubo staff member, in 2007. It's also the first ever movie to be created on, and the first movie to become a Must-See.

Being the first movie on the website, the first ever comment was also posted on it, by another staff member named "irishays12".

The movie has the highest number of "natural" comments if you discount "break a record" movies and their forced spam comments. It also has the highest number of ratings on a movie.

After the value423 hackings, Karaoke Star's comment counter broke when the movie was restored by the site moderators. The counter will always state that the number of comments on the movie is "0" even though it has 700+.


13: I wanna rock and roll all night... and party every day!

Edgar: Quick! Cover your ears! 13 is doing karaoke. Again.

Eva: I know, I don't have the heart... to tell him he'll never be a star.



*13 rocks out on the stage*

*13 crowd surfs on the stage*

*13 dances on the stage*


Edgar: Uh.. did I ever mention that I love karaoke?

Eva: Me Too!

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