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Let's Break A Record!!! is a movie created by rad256 in November 2011. rad256 created the movie to try and get as many users to comment on it as possible, in the hopes of having it become the most commented on movie on In less than a month, rad256, and several other users, succeeded in breaking the record of most comments, which, at the time, was around 600.

It has since become a collaborative effort to comment as many times as possible, and cement its position as the most commented movie on Through the combined efforts of dozens of users lending their support, the movie has reached nearly 18,000 comments. Which is nearly 13,000 more comments than the second most commented on movie (5,004 on Skypee's LET'S BREAK A RECORD!).

On June 13, 2017, the movie reached a grand total of 17,000 comments.

Looking back through older movies, Let's Break A Record!!! is arguably responsible for popularizing the "break a record", type of movies, whether they be about comments, ratings, or collabowriting. Furthermore, many record-breaking attempts were targeted towards rad256's comment record .Despite the many attempts by users to surpass Let's Break A Record!!!'s number of comments, none of them have been successful.


Work in progress...

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Due to the 1-minute cooldown between commenting, trying to comment lots takes a lot of time and patience. Therefore, typing long, thought-out comments is not recommended if trying to maximize your posting speed. Some users have found that posting short sentences/numbers (e.g 1000; 1001; 1002) is the easiest way to comment faster. Make sure you pay attention to your clock to see when the minute is up. Multitasking should be avoided, as well, or else you may risk forgetting about the time.

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