The users rad256, Blahbumian and macheese6 often made party events together on Zimmer Twins in the autumn. There were three so far, in 2012, 2013 and 2014.

2012: ZT Party WeekEdit

Blah and Mac decided to make something called "ZT Party Week" in September 2012, where every user is assigned a series that they will make on one of the days of the week.

Here is the list:
Interview Party by wyatt12 (Monday)
Costume Masquerade Party by wordgirl (Tuesday)
The Cancerian Weekly Update by rad256 (Wednesday)
European vs. European by Blahbumian (Thursday)
Dance Party Friday by Blahbumian (Friday)
Mac Party Saturdays by macheese6 (Saturday)
Talent Show Party by What ever (Sunday)

The party was cancelled, however, in November 2012, because many members often forgot to make their series, wordgirl didn't make a single episode of her series and Rad cancelled his series The Cancerian, so he couldn't make any more weekly updates of it.

This, however, led to Rad making his series Saturday Night Live on ZT.

2013: Zimmer Annual PartyEdit

The Zimmer Annual Party was supposed to be an annual event. It was planned by Rad, Blah and Mac during the summer of 2013.

The party was announced on ZT on August 23, 2013 by Rad. Blah made an episode of ZT Breakfast News about the party, and it was also mentioned on Dance Party Friday.

On August 30, 2013, Rad made the trailer for his new series House of Zam, officially marking the start of the party. Blah made a movie reminding everyone it started, and it was also a topic on ZT Breakfast News and a special edition of Dance Party Friday was made.

Users started making party videos, games and quizzes. In early September the party got a bit quiet, but Blah made two Dance Parties and Rad made "Rad Weekend Fall Festival" on Saturday, September 21st.

The party ended as planned on September 27th, the next day Rad rebooted Saturday Night Live on ZT.

Soon after the party ended, Rad confirmed that there won't be anymore Zimmer Annual Parties.

2014: Rad-Blah-Mac Fall FestivalEdit

This event lasted only one weekend, September 19-21, 2014. It was similar to the Fall Festival events of the larger parties from the years before. Rad, Blah and Mac all made special episodes of their series.

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