Users would have different interpretation of the characters in ZT. Some follow the canon characters but, other are different than the canon counterparts. This is a list about the user's versions on the characters on ZT.

D.T. Edit

Edgar Zimmer Edit

Edgar is regarded as a more angrier and more sarcastic. In some versions he would forget things making him, lose things and would forget the event was done with. He is against 13's actions as he finds them stupid or, very risky. He gets raged when somethings happens to him to go on a rampage causing property damage

Eva Zimmer Edit

Eva is not that well known but, has been more neutral. However, she is against both Edgar and 13's ideas and actions. She had little screen time making her character unknown and not explained well.

13 Edit

13 has the most screen time and is more of a ranter than Edgar being destructive. He has a lot of things like, he has his own radio show, he is a critic, he runs the CUT! Reel Team, he has his own hidden room in their house, and he owns an abandoned subway station and the Zimmer's wealth. Thus, making him responsible for driving them into debt or bankruptcy. He is a little more of a leader as he runs everything. He gets more beaten due to, his ego or, his ignorance. He is more of the main character in D.T.'s shorts and series.

The Wizard Edit

The Wizard is little more darker and much more sadistic as he comes off of more of serial killer or just, stalker. He is more of the creepier guy and he dislike 13 for his ignorance.

Psycho Mme Edit

Psycho Mme is more of a background character like, an average citizen and finds Edgar very overdramatic over things he lost or, destroyed. She would be neutral or agrees with 13.

The Delivery Guy Edit

The Delivery Guy can be regarded as an civilian, a police officer, security guard, an banker or, even an lawyer. He is more law based and he gets very tired of 13's actions. He can be too political, lawful and economic. Thus, making him very much of an politician or, an police officer. He only evicted 13 and the Zimmer's once.

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