lrl9 (Psychic8's sister) was a user that joined in late September, at the start, she was very interested in Zimmer Twins, but later, she started to lose interest in it. She is only 7 and complained that Zimmer Twins is too much work and typing for her, leading to her quitting only over a month later than she joined.

Friends Edit

Her friends were; emr247, NR905, Gamma-Ray, and her best friend(s) was; Psychic8 (well, obviously) Unicorn127 (who also showed her the basics of Zimmer Twins.)

Rich Alex Edit

Rich Alex was lrl9's first and only series on her account, it had 10 episodes, it was about a girl named Jamie Lee, a boy named Alex, and a cat named Billy. It was Alex' birthday and his present was a diamond, making him "Rich Alex" but then got lost and their quest was to find it.

Trivia Edit

  • She is Psychic8's sister.
  • She loves school.
  • Even though she made a goodbye movie in October, she technically quit the day after she got VIP.
  • She is from Scotland
  • Her two brothers are quite annoying (one of her brothers it typing this right now. xD)

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