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-145 (glitched)

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Inactive; non-vip

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Lux is a qubo staff member most known for making the first ever movie on, which would soon go on to become the first Must-See.

Lux is the second user to sign up on, after fellow staff member, zradmin.

Lux has only made 5 movies and their last movie was made some time in 2009 or 2010. They also have 2 Must-Sees and 1 Crowd Pleaser.

For a while, Lux had unlimited VIP membership (like most staff members have), but at some point between 2015-2016, their VIP membership ended. It is unknown why this happened.

Lux is shown to have -145 points, which appears to be a glitch, since there isn't anything that should give you negative points on

It is unknown what Lux's role was in the making of The Zimmer Twins, and nothing in the credits provides evidence to whom the "Lux" username may belong to.

Zimmer Twins Staff
Active nessaJCee
Inactive JasonzradminLuxlukelutmanluluAldisqubiquboBossquboWhiztottorodan1200Irishays/irishays12ArteestJarJarBinkqubiangirlsophtasticrubiesyawsunzagkatzchothe shadowZIMMERJoshfunmonsterqubianangstuffwelikLincoln123
Note: A lot of the names listed in the "inactive" section were gathered from early profile ID's and evidence based on comments from confirmed staff members. While there are bits and pieces of evidence to support some of the users being staff members, there are some users with zero evidence (but still possibly staff), and those are shown in italics

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