macheese6 (better known as Mac) is a pretty famous ZT member. He has 10 must sees, and has made popular series' like Epic.

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Early Years (2010-2011)Edit

Mac joined Zimmer Twins in 2010. In Early 2011, he got a famous must see Dark Chocolate which has almost 100 comments. Around this time, he started a series called Battle for Earth which is one of the most famous non-comedy series on ZT. Earlier than Battle for Earth, he made a series called "Super Heroes" which was not very well known. He tried to make lots of other series' too in his early years, but cancelled them due to low viewer ratings.

Secondary Years (2012-2013)Edit

Mac started series like "Mac & Friends" and has made some parties on Saturdays, which was the origin of ZT Party Week - created by Blah and Mac. Their good friend Rad helped them.

He started being inactive in 2013. But he came back in August 2013 and, along with Blahbumian, helped rad256 make the Zimmer Annual Party.

Battle for Earth (2011-Present)Edit

Battle for Earth is one of Mac's most famous series. It is currently on it's 3rd Season. Battle for Earth has been known for it's controversial episodes. Some have been removed because of the violence. Mac has toned the series down because of this. The series still continues to be as good as ever though the violence has toned down. However, BFE has been cancelled.

Mac and Friends (2012-Present)Edit

While this may be one of Mac's most successful series' to date, it is still on it's third episode due to Mac being busy with his life. The series is about Nine friends who live in apartments in the same building who have wacky adventures. The First Episode is obviously the pilot, the Second Episode is about a Video Game Tournament. And the Third and current episode is a 2-parter about a Time Paradox. The Series is now cancelled. Mac has said he is rebooting the series.

Mac Party Saturdays (2012-Present)Edit

This series is known for creating the ZT Party Era. While not really being a Series, more of a weekly party. These have been known for their overall craziness, wackiness, and humor. Mac has been known to be late to make these due to being busy with School and his Life. Despite this, he makes it whether it's on a Sunday or a Monday.

Epic (2013-Present)Edit

Many users consider this Mac's greatest series yet. It is also his longest series yet, with currently 100+ episodes. The series is about nine people (himself, some ZT Members, the Zimmers, and sometimes other characters) on a constant quest to save the world. The series is praised for it's story, action, and humor. The Main Plot of the Series still remains unclear as of now, but the series contains multiple villains, heroes, and sagas/story arcs. And is a very popular series. It is currently on it's third season. And it is the sixth longest series on ZT.

Upcoming ProjectsEdit

Mac is currently working on the "Mac & Friends" reboot.


  • He is part of the "Spotlight".
  • He is a part of the "10 Must-Sees" Club.
  • His favorite color is Blue, his second favorite is Green.
  • He is really likes swords, especially katanas.
  • He is afraid of heights.
  • A common gag in his movies is his laziness.
  • He can be cocky sometimes, but he explains his cockyness is almost always supposed to be taken as a joke.

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