New New MG1

Credit to Imastamper

General Information
Gender: Male
Lives in: Oklahoma
Nationality: American
Real name: Aaron


First movie:

Last movie:

Eve and Edgar in Space

Edgar's Home Alone

Movies: 1086
Crowd Pleasers: 420
Must-Sees: 24
Points: 34360


Imastamper Rad256
0bsessed Blahbumian
Macheese6 Catboy
Stormrox Daffytitanic


   Enemies does not compute.


MegaGamer1 is a ZT member that joined in 2009. He got in the spotlight in 2014 and currently has 24 must-see's.



Edgar's Haircut

Edgar's Chocolate Genie

Edgar Goes To The Dentist

ZT Vines Volume 1

Edgar Gets A zPod

Edgar's Theme Song

No Nose?!

Why Eva Has No Eyebrows

13's Halloween Candy

Edgar's Wishbone Wish

Zimmer's BAN Caroling?!

Why Cats Don't Wear Pants

Edgar Learns Pie

Zimbiru Public Pool?

How The Twins Got Psychic

Edgar Gets Homeschooled

3 Secrets About Edgar!

Edgar's Pumpkin Plan!


Edgar's Boxing Gloves

Hiding in Space

Edgar's Home Alone

Edgar Buys the Turkey?


  • The Spotlight page says MegaGamer1 is fairly new to the site but he has been on for about 6 years
  • MegaGamer1 currently holds the record for most Must-See movies in a year with 12
  • He likes making comics with his OC "Carl"
  • The drawing in MegaGamer1's infobox is made by Imastamper
  • He is part of the 10 must-see club.
  • MegaGamer1 is one of the many Christians on the Zimmer Twins website
  • AaronJames is his old nickname, but he asked the mods to change it due to personal information
  • He tied with Pills900 in the "Zimmie Awards" in best movies in 2015
  • He currently has the most most sees.

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