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SPOILER ALERT!!! This page contains spoilers for the "Must-See" series by 0bsessed / Montyson3!!!

Must-See is a series created by 0bsessed (a.k.a Montyson3) where Edgar is trying to get a must-see. It is an offspring of the crowd pleaser "How NOT to Get a Must-See". There was a hiatus on S1E8. The only extra non-ZT character is Monty, however he assumes the identity of a black wall of text, just like many other of his videos.

Quotes Edit

"Two crowd pleasers. TWO CROWD PLEASERS?!" -Edgar

"Oh please, other ZT'ers have 100!" -13

"Why is Eva in the sky?" -Delivery Boy

"It's not the site editors that give must-sees. It's me. And no, I don't want to give him a must-see yet." All-Site-Controlling Alien

Plot Edit

Edgar, Eva, and 13 want to get Monty a must-see but it always fails.

Characters Edit

  • Edgar
  • Eva
  • 13
  • Monty

Monty Edit

Monty is 0bsessed's fanmade character created to represent him. He is either a black wall of text or Delivery Boy.

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