NR905's First Times on ZT!

NR905 joined on January 23rd, 2016. Around 6:00pm ET. Before he had an account, he made some "private" movies. Then when he did, the moderators put a movie he tried to save in his account :o Which is what is called "Hello" He made a series named the secret. 21 episodes. Then stopped. He made movies that are some what bad. NR905 says there bad.

First and only VIP

NR905 bought VIP on April 10th of 2016. Where he continued to make somewhat bad movies. Quite active.

Must-sees; Changing in movies!

In sometime is May, he started to change his way of movies. His must sees were deleted by the RUDE moderators. But his first must see was in the "changing" period. It was a good movie. His second must see was after/ending time of The Changing Period.


NR905 rioted a lot because well... he is Autistic. Which lead THESE actions. His first riot is with Unicorn127! Because he got jealous of she getting a must see before him. The riot only lasted an hour or so. Then him and Uni have been Best Friends ever since. Then with severeal riots... he got banned.

-GammaRay- riots September 6th- October 7th.

A month of rioting finally ends. They fight a LOT. Which made NR905 lose his account. Then on the wiki. And died on the wiki. This was called The Hugest Riot Ever.

Happy Birthday to You! Doesn't exist this year.

Since NR905 got blocked from the wiki and the site, no one BOTHERED to say Happy Birthday. Except for Psychic8. But no one else. Which is sad. Because TheRadBoy gets Happy B-days and not NR905.

Crushs, Friends, Best Friends, and Enemies.

  • Crushs:
  • Emr247 (Currently)
  • Imastamper (July 2016)
  • Friends:
  • MrPhorm
  • Stormrox
  • BFs:
  • -GammaRay-
  • Unicorn127
  • Emr247
  • madse
  • Illustr8r
  • StarFan15
  • Es:
  • -GammaRay- (old, Septemer/October)

Banned From ZT

Got banned because of "bullying" which that is a sign that the moderators don't exist. And/or not active. NR905 will come back soon on the site.

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