NR905 was a Zimmer Twins user from the year 2016 that caused lots of trouble into the website including spam, false flags, and just being plain stupid. He was this way for about 9 months until his account has banned on the website for bullying and harassment

First Beginning

NR905 joined in January 23, 2018. He quickly made movies and commented a while lot. Within two months, we had became a full bar user while being a non VIP user. Stormrox, a fellow ZT user, was amazed on how he was a full bar user and made a multi part series on his adventures to get VIP, which is now deleted.


As he quickly became popular on the website and everyone was amazed, he received a VIP membership in April 2016 for a total of 6 months. He was finally able to talk clearly to the people on the website. He became friends with emr247 and Unicorn247.


After a few months of being chill, he began to feel hatred and started to argue and spam. But it was quickly resolved. But then it would happen again and again. It sooner gave him warnings


the #1 problem with NR905, he spammed over 3,000 movies of his. All the rest were To: All movies or drama or regular movies. Spam was usually motivated by illustr8r. She made him so anger that it got him to win the record of most movies with nearly 5,000.


This will be the most detailed event of them all. -GammaRay- joined Zimmer Twins after a one uear break. NR905 heard about him and loved his movies. When we found out he was back, he screamed with joy. They quickly became friends. But not for long. NR905 made a movie staying tall of the problems he caused during that time period. Including some users leaving and floods with spam and drama. Next thing you know, GammaRay and NR905 start to argue, more and more. Soonly came one of the largest riots to ever take place on Zimmer Twins. Psychic8 vs Gamma vs NR905. Two days straight of arguing. Which was filled with spam and drama.


NR905 was banned on September 21, 2016 for bullying and harassment. NR905 became furiously anger at Gamma to the point where they talked on this wiki to the point where the wiki was turned into multiple pieces.

NR905‘s Future

NR905 has made goals to rejoin Zimmer Twins and clean up the place with a healthy community. But that won’t be for another couple of years.