Notice: This page has been edited because I've been cringing at this too hard

NR905 is one of the famously known users on Zimmer Twins, who was also banned for bullying/harassment. NR905 also acted very immature last year towards the Zimmer Twins website and this wiki. But ever since he let go this wiki, he ended up acting a little more mature and started animating with his now favorite website to animate with, GoAnimate

NR905 got into a bunch of drama, or riots, last year since he acted so immature that he now wants to apologize to everyone here. If you check all of the destruction from last year, oh boy. NR905 doesn't really want to talk about last year unless if your one of his closest friends.

NR905's account was termenated, with nearly 5,000 videos on it, which he came back onto the website known as GaNR8 and NElite56. He plans to officially quit this upcoming November.

He was IP-Banned from this wiki, but I guess he deserves it for being so immature last year. He now promises not to bug anyone every again from this wiki, and to respect this wiki.

Thank you all

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