New Years Spectacular! is a must-see movie by BookgirlZT
New Years Spectacular Screenshot

Plot Edit

It is New Years Eve/Day in the Zimmer House Hold! The Zimmers (except 13) make their resolutions. Edgar's resolution is to eat more candy, and Eva warns him not to. The next day, Edgar finds out candy is banned.


(TV) 5..4...3..2..1... HAPPY NEW YEAR!

The Zimmers Dance.

Eva: My news years resolution is WORLD PEACE!

Edgar: (Yawns) Pfft! Yeah, like that's ever gonna happen! My new years resolution is more candy! (Eats)

Eva: Edgar. If you don't stop eating you're gonna get... I don't like to say the word. Big, perhaps? Yeah.

Edgar: Relax Eva!


(Newspaper) 2013 is here! And so is world peace! President declares no more candy!

Edgar: WHAT THE?! WHY!!??

Eva and 13: (Laugh)


  • It is BookgirlZT's first must-see.
  • It is a crowd pleaser.
  • It has 2,401 views.
  • It has 57 comments. 
  • It has 46 ratings.
  • It is rated 4/5.

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