NotJames is a troublemaker on Zimmer Twins.


James joined Zimmer Twins back in late 2010. Back then, his username was CarolineH. When he was called this username, everyone thought he was a girl. He started to get mad, so he e-mailed the Zimmer Twins staff about his problem, and they changed it to JamesH2011. After that, everyone called him a boy.

When James started making videos, his videos were normal. He was on the Spotlight in February 2011.

In 2015, James emailed the staff asking if they could changed his username to NotJames. After his username was changed, he started making weird and confusing videos.

On June 2, 2015, James started to get angry. So he deleted his funny videos, and began making videos that insulted other users. Eventually, his account was blocked. It is rumored that he was trying to get rid of his account because he was tired of using the website.

His only movie is about how he loves Pigle33.

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