Park Prank is a Must See and Crowd Pleaser that Abbeybunny created on June 14, 2013. It is about Edgar and 13 pranking Eva on the twins' birthday.

Park Prank Screenshot Abbeybunney


The starter "Surprise" plays. After that, Edgar and 13 are seen laughing. They are seen talking about how hilarious the result of their prank will be.

Meanwhile, Eva receives the bag concealing the prank and wonders what is inside it. Edgar is seen laughing about how curious Eva looks. Suddenly, 13 notices that Eva is going to open the bag. Edgar then decides to start filming his twin sister's reaction to their prank. They both hide inside a box...

Meanwhile, Eva is wondering if she should open the bag or not. She is seen worrying what Edgar got for her birthday. Then, Edgar and 13 are seen conversing that Eva doesn't know what she's in for.

Later, Edgar asks 13 if he got his phone message. 13 then replies to him with a nod.

A few minutes later, Edgar and 13 prepare to film Eva. Eva exclaims, "Oh! I can't WAIT to open this!" She tries to open the bag by throwing it. Suddenly, it explodes! She coughs, and wonders if she opened it wrong... Eva then realizes that Edgar and 13 were filming her all along, and gets angry at them.

Later, at the Zimmers' house in their living room, Edgar exclaims that he has a million views on his video that he uploaded on YouTube.


(the starter "Surprise" plays)

(Edgar and 13 are seen laughing)

13: I can't WAIT to see the look on her face!

Edgar: Yeah! It's gonna be REAL hilarious!


(Eva examines a bag)

Eva: (thinks) I wonder what can be in this bag...

Edgar: Look at her!

(Edgar laughs)

13: (whispers) SHHH! She's gonna open the sack!

Edgar: (whispers) Okay! Lets sneak up on her and film her reaction!

(Edgar, holding a video camera, sneaks with 13)

(Edgar hides)

(13 hides)


Eva: I wonder if I should open this!

Eva: Wait... What if Edgar got me a movie I hate?

Edgar: (whispers) She doesn't even know what she's in for!

13: (whispers) That's the funny part about it, Edgar!


Edgar: (whispers) Did you get my message?

(13 nods "yes")


(Edgar and 13 are filming)

Eva: (exclaims) Oh! I can't WAIT to open this!

(Eva throws the bag)

(the bag explodes)

Eva:(coughs) Maybe I opened it wrong...

(Eva seeks)

(Eva is angry)


Edgar: 13! We have a million views on our video!


  • This is Abbeybunny's first Must See and Crowd Pleaser.


See it here!

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