Pokémon was a series made by Freaker on Zimmer Twins. It ran for 4 episodes and is now deleted. In his video Update: 2 (lrl), Freaker said he took down the series because he thought it was too violent and Episode 3 of series broke the Code of Conduct.

It got taken down because the 3rd episode talked about Pokemon being used as slaves, after Freaker got the email. He decided to fix what he had done and delete all the episodes of the series.

The series was based off of Starter Squad. A Pokemon animation about the 3 Kanto starters going on adventure. Freaker obviously took some parts from that series; like how all the starters unite.

Eva was the rival in the series. And was very violent. Which ended up breaking the code of conduct as well. She wanted to trap all of the Pokemon in cages.

emr247 made a Pokemon series like Freaker's but it was less comedic and violent. Those episodes are still up today to watch them.

The Pokemon series will hopefully be getting a reboot when Psychic8 renews his account.

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