Popcorngrl is a member of the Zimmer Twins Website. She is a fairly new VIP member as she got a membership in late 2014, and she ends all her movies with a Clapboard clip that says "Popcorn Films, Co." Her first movie is entitled "Eva's Big Break!" and is a Crowd Pleaser. It can be seen here:

Popcorngrl User Page   Her nickname is Pop, and she's got over 3,000 points, making her a Super Pro Producer. Popcorngrl also has 129 movies 18 of which are Crowd Pleasers and 1 of which is a Must-See.

In 2015, she won a Zimmie for "most creative."

On December 31, 2016, popcorngrl renewed her VIP membership, after spending a year away from the website.

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