quboBoss is a staff member on, and is also the 7th account created on the website. It is unknown what role quboBoss played in the making of The Zimmer Twins, and there isn't concrete evidence to suggest who the owner of the account is, but the name suggests it may have belonged to Rick Rodriguez, the CEO of qubo, at the time.

Reasons this may be Rick Rodriguez is due to the fact that, being CEO, he was somewhat involved in the project, and even made a few comments on it.

"What I just love about the movies is that they tell so much about the personality of the kids who make them."
Rick Rodriguez, past president of (source)

"Since our launch last year, qubo has been devoted to finding as many ways as possible to engage and entertain kids ... As its multiple interactive awards demonstrate, Zimmer Twins is the world’s best kid-centric web property that inspires community, creativity and fun while reinforcing basic literacy skills."
Rick Rodriguez (source)

While quboBoss hasn't created any movies, he has left many comments on movies created by other staff members, which further supports the theory the account belongs to Mr. Rodriguez.

Strangely enough, quboBoss does not have unlimited VIP.

The profile ID is

Zimmer Twins Staff
Active nessaJCee
Inactive JasonzradminLuxlukelutmanluluAldisqubiquboBossquboWhiztottorodan1200Irishays/irishays12ArteestJarJarBinkqubiangirlsophtasticrubiesyawsunzagkatzchothe shadowZIMMERJoshfunmonsterqubianangstuffwelikLincoln123
Note: A lot of the names listed in the "inactive" section were gathered from early profile ID's and evidence based on comments from confirmed staff members. While there are bits and pieces of evidence to support some of the users being staff members, there are some users with zero evidence (but still possibly staff), and those are shown in italics

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