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This page is for listing records on The Zimmer Twins. Some are disputed, as a lot of data has been lost from the Pre-VIP Era.

Current Records

  • Most Crowd Pleasers among current users: MegaGamer1, 420
  • Most Movies among current users: illustr8r, 4102
  • Most Must-Sees among current users: MegaGamer1, 24
  • Most Movie-Maker points among current users: Stormrox, 169,000
  • Most Comments on a movie made by a current user: 2366 on the movie Jason and TinyRobot by Stormrox
  • Most Mentions on a Blog among current users: N/A
  • Most Must-Sees in a row in the current year: N/A
  • Most Must-Sees in the current year: N/A

All-Time records

Longest Series Rankings

  1. catboy's Are You Zimmer Enough?: 270 parts
  2. Dragunov_1's Edgar's Email: 255 parts
  3. Pumpkin631's The Longest Movie Ever: 250 parts
  4. catboy's The Never Ending Movie: 169 parts
  5. Rue's Victory: 150 parts
  6. Kristila51's 13's email: 147 parts
  7. LPSboy's Obvillion: 130 parts
  8. Blahbumian's Dance Party Friday: 121 parts
  9. Macheese6's Epic: 111 (+4 on the Wikia)* parts
  10. Photo-bo's The Origin of 13: 100 parts

Only series with 100 or more episodes are listed.
Spin-offs, sequels, etc. count as separate series. Extras, parts of episodes, etc. do not count as episodes.
* Denotes series that is still running

Ten Must-See Club
MegaGamer1 (24)
What ever (23)
catboy (14)
imastamper (14)
Smiley23 (14)
TinyRobot (13)
pills900 (13)
rad256 (12)
Kelley (11)
macheese6 (10)
username00 (10)

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