Robot Mayhem
Robot xD



Crowd Pleasers

4 (Episodes 1,2,3 and 4)

Must sees



Bookie, Megagamer, Zebrafizz, Catboy, Jorge, Stormrox, More TBA



Inspired By

Zimmer Twins FFTS


Robot Mayhem (RM For short) is a series created by Skypee.

About Robot Mayhem Edit

This series is about the characters of ZT. The series is mainly about the characters of ZT fighting of the "Robotical" selfs. He has only made 12 Parts so far and he is aiming to get onto 100.

Cast Edit

Bookie Edit

Bookies personality is calm and she is very neat, she likes making friends and she has an obsession with The Zimmer Boy Band ( Mentioned Later in the series)

Jorge Edit

Jorge is rich. He is polite ( Not ) and he loves making new friends. Later on in the series he turns a bit argumentitive.

Megagamer1 Edit

We haven't met Mega yet but I will give you a clue about his personality. MEGA MAN X!

Jaaszi Edit

Now. Jaaszi is very kind. He loves visitors/guests and always has a spare room for whoever wants to stay at his house (Scary right?).

Stormrox Edit

Stormrox loves everybody but he can be very argumentitive when is comes to Bookie having a fight with him, although he has some good karate moves.

Catboy Edit

All we know about him is that he loves museums... >:)

Zebrafizz Edit

She loves toys and she hates her brother. She has an obsession with her bunny she found in a bush...

Series Overview [SPOILER!] Edit

So this is what mainly happens so far in Robot Mayhem. In episode 1 and 2, it was stated that catboy was missing so Bookie had to gather up her friends to find him. Bookie walked into the Salon and asked Mme Physco if she knew where any of her friends were. Mme said that Stormrox wanted to go back in time but Stormrox accidently shot up into outerspace. So Bookie wanted to go to space, so she could find Stormrox. But she went back in time instead of going into outerspace. Then future Bookie asked past Mme if she could help her go back into the present. More TBA

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