Not to be confused with the video game Spore, which has nothing to do with ZT.

This series is painstakingly similar to Confirmed by Stormrox. This series is NOT a rip-off. One, it came before Confirmed, and two, even if it had come after then Monty probably wouldn't have known that Confirmed exists.

"Spore!" is an unpopular series created by 0bsessed when he was non-VIP.

Plot Edit

When Edgar buys a game called Spore for Eva, she gets addicted and Edgar and 13 team up to get her to stop. But the challenge that is brought upon them may be so hard for them to handle that they may not make it out alive.

Characters Edit

  • Edgar - The one that buys Spore and causes this mess
  • Eva - The first victim of the Spore epidemic
  • 13 - The main show-stopper

Revival Edit

Monty liked the old non-VIP series so much that on March 29, 2015, he decided to revive it and start from the beginning. However, he is skeptical that he may be accused of copying "Confirmed", seeing how the two are painstakingly similar in plot. He didn't know that Confirmed existed when he first made this series, because it didn't.

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