Star clips are a group of clips available in the Movie Maker. Unlike the Talk bubble clips, Action clips, and Close-up clips; Edgar, Eva, and 13 do not appear in any of the Star clips. They are commonly referred to as "miscellaneous clips" by some users.

The Star clips have a wide array of different purposes including, for example, a Clock, to indicate that time has passed; a blank Newspaper flyer to write on; the words "Earlier", to cut to an event that happened in the past; and a simple black screen where you can insert white-colored text.


Thumbnail Name Duration
BoomThumbnail Boom 1 second
CardThumbnail Card 2 seconds
ClapboardThumbnail Clapboard 1 second
ClockThumbnail Clock 1 second
FortuneThumbnail Fortune 2 seconds
CrashThumbnail Crash 2 seconds
EarlierThumbnail Earlier 2 seconds
IdolThumbnail Idol 2 seconds
LaterThumbnail Later 2 seconds
MapThumbnail Map 2 seconds
MeanwhileThumbnail Meanwhile 2 seconds
NewspaperThumbnail Newspaper 2 seconds
BoardThumbnail Board 2 seconds
TextThumbnail Text 2 seconds
Text(1)Thumbnail Text 2 seconds
Text(2)Thumbnail Text 2 seconds
PosterThumbnail Poster * 2 seconds
PackageThumbnail Package * 2 seconds
NotepadThumbnail Notepad * 2 seconds
AlienThumbnail Alien * 2 seconds
BlimpThumbnail Blimp * 2 seconds
CellphoneSCThumbnail Cellphone * 2 seconds
TVThumbnail TV * 3 seconds
ComputerThumbnail Computer * 2 seconds
CrowdThumbnail Crowd * 2 seconds
CrystalBallThumbnail Crystal Ball * 2 seconds
DeliveryBoyThumbnail Delivery Boy * 2 seconds
MmePsychoThumbnail Mme Psycho * 2 seconds
ZimmercirclesThumbnail Zimmercircles 1 second
TopSecretThumbnail Top Secret 2 seconds
TicketThumbnail Ticket 2 seconds
Tv2Thumbnail Tv * 2 seconds
WizardThumbnail Wizard * 2 seconds

* = VIP Members only