Darren Zanger, John Blackwell, Carl, Sylvian, Kaye Middlesbrook, Charles Flinders, Jack Roberts, Erika Voglis, James Howard, Ruby Raddish, Adam Limbrick, Sky



When it premiers:


Survive Is a series by Skypee, he had many sign ups and he choose mostly all of the people who signed up. Let me rephrase that, he choose all the people who signed up.

It is unknown when he would start this series. Many of us don't know if he would give up this, even though he made a promise. The Trailer and The Sign Ups became a Crowd Pleaser.


.The Sign ups closed very recently due to many people requesting for a space, he couldn't have that many people because it would be hard to include them in the episode.

. Before the main sign ups came out he created a previous Clip which was similar to the sign ups but not many people signed up so he had to delete this and create a new Sign Up.

.He already made 2 versions of a various amount of episodes but deleted them because he decided that would wait a while and make a trailer before the actual series came out.

.Skypee has made many series in the past therefore he decided to do one last sign ups, being confident to not give up and carry on with the series.

.He didn't carry on with those series because there was a conflict between a user.

.He had trouble with Daffodily because she started to copy his Survive Series.

.Episode 11 is a decide episode, mainly you have to decide who is going to be out and who is going to stay in Survive!

.In episode 10 Jack didn't understand what the challenge was so he was out, because he was sitting not dancing. Crazy huh?


It starts of with Skypee in the Jungle introducing all the characters who are going to be in survive, he let everyone who signed up. These episodes was the pilot which was 1-4. Then Skypee introduced the first challenge which was dancing. When Skypee was making the movie he added Celebrate when it is not a real dance move, he just wanted everyone to do a different dance. Then when it was Jacks turn he just sat down instead of dancing so they went to the elimination center. Then Skypee left the viewers with a cliffhanger, which was a Who is going to be out? Cliff hanger. Then Skypee introduced the second Challenge which was a sleeping challenge. Charles won that one Ruby came 2nd and Kaye came 3rd. Then for episode 11 Skypee asked the viewers to decide in the comments who was in and who was out, That's where Skypee ended the episode and would have a weeks break.


Season 1

Survive Ep.1 Survive Ep.9

Survive Ep.2 Survive Ep.10

Survive Ep.3 Survive Ep.11

Survive Ep.4

Survive Ep.5

Survive Ep.6

Survive Ep.7

Survive Ep.8

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