TRIPLEB is a famous member on the Zimmer Twins websites. He knows the also famous user oatmeal9 in real life!


In 2010, TRIPLEB wasn't very famous. He was new, so he wasn't very recognized.

Popularity Peak (2011)Edit

In 2011, TRIPLEB was enormously popular. He got 5 must sees this year, only 2 must sees away from rad256's record of 7 must sees this year!

One of his must sees was a very famous movie called "Break Dancing Cat?" which got 116 comments!

He made many movies that were crowd pleasers. He had a series called "State Farm is There," inspired by the State Farm commercials from that year, which was fairly popular.


He wasn't active anymore. In February, he quit due to a rapid decrease in popularity and not being on the spotlight. In May, he came back for a while but only made a few movies.

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