Talk bubble clips are what you use to make Edgar, Eva, and 13 speak. There are a different variety of talk bubble clips to choose from, including: Announces, Sings, Reads, Yells, Whispers, and many more!

Thumbnail Name Duration
AnnouncesThumbnail Announces 1-3 seconds
CellphoneThumbnail Cellphone 1-3 seconds
LecturesThumbnail Lectures 1-3 seconds
ReadsAloudThumbnail Reads Aloud 1-3 seconds
ReportsThumbnail Reports 1-3 seconds
SingsThumbnail Sings 1-3 seconds
TalksThumbnail Talks 1-3 seconds
Talks(1)Thumbnail Talks 1-3 seconds
ReadsAloud(1)Thumbnail Reads Aloud * 1-3 seconds
ProtestsThumbnail Protests * 1-3 seconds
BegsThumbnail Begs * 1-3 seconds
WhispersThumbnail Whispers 1-3 seconds
YellsThumbnail Yells 1-3 seconds
ThinksThumbnail Thinks 1-3 seconds
Talks(2)Thumbnail Talks 1-3 seconds
Talks(3)Thumbnail Talks 1-3 seconds
Yells(1)Thumbnail Yells * 1-3 seconds

* = VIP Members only

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