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The Catboy Show is a series by catboy


  • Main Characters:
  • Aidan Football: Athlete who hates Skai (And all girls)
  • Cody Football: Nerd, Aidan's brother
  • Darren Zanger: Skateboard dude
  • Kai Randerford: Ninja, friend of Aidan
  • Skai Pitt: Half Dudette/Half girly girl who likes Aidan
  • Cura Einstein: Nerd, Cody's girlfriend
  • Recurring Characters:
  • Andy: Aidan's annoying frenemy
  • Ryan Randerford: Kai's older brother
  • Lea Daniels: Aidan's once crush (soon to be ex :P)
  • Kate Rangers: Ryan's girlfriend


  1. D-Dare - In a game of truth or dare, Andy dares Aidan to date Skai
  2. Hate Date - An all day date between Cody and Cura goes horribly wrong. Aidan, Darren, and Kai get in trouble at a baseball game
  3. The Hypocrital Aidan - Aidan falls for the new girl at school, Lea
  4. Spyfall: When Cody catches someone breaking into the Randerford household, he's thrown into an adventure with spy gear, assassins, and secret agents
  5. College Cody: Cody's misadventures in college
  6. I Didn't Do It: When the parents go out of town, Aidan and Cody have a huge party. But the parents come back early
  7. Film Festival: The school holds a film festival, with a prize for the best video
  8. The Boston Root Beer Party: The gang does their own rendition of the Boston Tea Party in a school play
  9. I'm In The Band: Aidan, Darren, Cody, and Kai form a band (Aidan - Guitar; Lead vocals. Lea - Second Guitar, Occasional vocals. Darren - Bass Guitar. Kai - Drums. Cody - Keyboard)
  10. Back in Business: Aidan auditions for and gets the lead role in a new movie called FUTURE
  11. New Strings Attached: After a misunderstanding, Cura breaks up with Cody
  12. The Double: Aidan shows a sudden interest in Skai
  13. Scary Movie - After watching a scary movie that Aidan convinces Cody to go watch, Aidan ends up being the scared one.
  14. What The Check? - Kai turns out to be a chess prodigy
  15. Basically Home Alone - Ryan has to babysit Aidan and Cody.
  16. Matilda - The new math teacher turns out to be a menace
  17. Cody in the House - Cody wins a competition that lets him live with the president for a week
  18. The New Guy - A new kid named Marcus, who looks an awful lot like Aidan, shows up at school.
  19. Kidnapped - Cody gets kidnapped.
  20. The End? - (secret)


  • If this was a real show, catboy would want the characters to be played by: Aidan/Preston Bailey, Cody/Corey Fogelmanis, Skai/Willow Smith, Darren/David Mazouz, Kai/Seishero Kato, Cura/Joey King, Ryan/Aramis Knight, Lealeiki/Isabella Acres
  • List of title spoofs: Spyfall/Disney XD's Kickin' it episode Spyfall (Based off the movie Skyfall). I Didn't Do It/Disney's comedy I Didn't Do It. I'm In The Band/Former Disney XD's comedy I'm in the band. New Strings Attached/Romantic Comedy No Strings Attached. The Double/Political Action movie The Double. Scary Movie/The episode of Disney's comedy The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, "Scary Movie" (Which is an allusion to the film series Scary Movie). Basically Home Alone/Comedy movie Home Alone. Matilda/Matilda by Roald Dahl. Cody in the house/Disney's former comedy Cory in the house. Although some of these are spoofs of disney episode titles that are spoofs of popular culture, these episodes are actually spoofs of the episodes
  • Aidan's personality is mostly based off catboy in real life.
  • A lot of episodes have references to Disney and Disney XD shows