The Chosen was a Mystery Series that premeired on, January 1, 2016, made by D.T.

Summary Edit

Edgar, an agent from the E30 Division in the National Investigation Organization of Unsolved Cases, was called to be sent out to Navian, Mississippi about, disappearing people with abnormal cases of, night terrors on citizens, locking out visitors, strange dialog, and people appearing and running off before disappearing. Will he finish the case before he would lose his mind?

City of Navian Edit

Navian was a town established during the Civil War in Mississippi.

Navian Map

During it's existence, people were disappearing in the Pinewood Forest by, mysterious figures that were like golden idols, little girls making whispers and play the alley and runs away before disappearing, unwelcoming townsfolk and, mysterious groups from the forest which believed to be responsible for the disappearance.

To this day, the town's cases remains unsolved.

Characters Edit

  • Edgar, the agent of E30 Division in NIOUC
  • Rochelle or, Chell, Owner of Dixie Hotel
  • Unknown cat with idol
  • Unknown girl with a bunny doll
  • Hondor, the old man who runs, the Hunting Lodge

There would be more to come.

Trivia Edit

  • The Chosen was inspired from Puzzle Agent, as there is is scenes very similar to the scene as far to being replicated.
  • The Chosen was the first series that D.T. made on 2016 and in 3 years. Last was Impact on 2013
  • Edgar was suppose to wear a suit but, due to of the movie maker limitations, it couldn't be done. Same with his audio recorder

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